Each skills can be bought once. The cost, in CP, is the value in parenthesis.

Channeling(10): The character can use his HP to cast additional spells but only after casting all his normaly
                            allowed ones. It costs 4 HP per level the spell is casted(i.e. you can cast spells at lower or
                            higher than normaly allowed level. Ex: A Fireball casted at 1st level will cost 4HP but at 10th
                            level, it will 40HP).

Wizard Sphere Proficiency(5): The character becomes a Proficient in a Sphere of Power. Required to be
                                                     able to cast spells from that Spell Sphere. To buy this skill, the character must
                                                     first have innate abilities. Any innate abilities from that sphere disapear to be
                                                     replaced by an actual spell, preferably the one the innate ability emulated.

Wizard Sphere Specialist(5): The character becomes a Specialist in a Sphere of Power. To buy this skill, the
                                                   character must first be proficient in that sphere. Here's the bonus for being a
                                                   specialist in a sphere:
           -A Specialist can cast 1 additional spell per spell level from any Sphere he's proficient.
           -+15% while learning spells from each Sphere the character is specialized in.
           -Creating new spells from Sphere sthe character is specialized in is considered 1 level lower.
           -+1 to save vs spells from Spheres the character is specialised in and creatures targeted by those spells
            saves at -1.

Learning Bonus(X): X = +3% per CP to learn new spells.
Wizard Spell Duration Increase(10): All non-instantaneous spells last 1 round per 2 level.
Wizard Spell Casting Reduction(5): All spells that has a casting time less than 1 round takes 1 less segment
                                                              to cast.
Wizard Spell Range Boost(5): The range of all spells are increased by 25%
Innate Abilities(10): The character receives 1 spell ability at 1st level and 1 each 2 level afterward. The spell
                                  abilities are chosen from any sphere of power.

                                  The spells given are in ascending order of spell level and are modified to make them less
                                  powerfull than the normal spell but that can raise in power as the character gains levels.
                                  At same level, the spell ability must always be less powerful that the normal spell.

                                  The character can cast each spell ability once a day and the casting time is the level of the

                                  Innate spells abilities cannot be modified by skills that modifies spells but can be casted
                                  in armor.

                                  There is always a material and somatic component associated with all spell abilities. The
                                   material component is always something weird(Ex: A Tarot card deck).

Harmonist(15): Must have the Musical Instrument, Singing or Dancing Proficiency to make this skill usefull.
                           This Skill makes use of the Song Sphere. The spells from the following spell list  are casted with
                           a Music or a Song or a Dance so, a skill check must first be done to successfully cast a spell.
                           The Harmonist doesn't have to learn his spells and cannot copy them from spellbook and scrolls
                           but he automaticaly gains all the spells his level permit him to cast(Like Priest spells) with the
                           same restriction about the number of spells that can be casted per day. The only components
                           required are those the skills required.

Audible Glamer 1st Chaos 5th
Charm Person 1st Dismissal 5th
Find Familiar 1st Hold Monster 5th
Friends 1st Leomund's Lam. Belabor. 5th
Sleep 1st Monster Summoning III 5th
Taunt 1st Control Weather 6th
Forget 2nd Mass Suggestion 6th
Summon Swarm 2nd Monster Summoning !V 6th
Tasha's Unc. Hid. Laugher 2nd Banishment 7th
Whispering Wind 2nd Charm Plant 7th
Hold Person 3rd Monster Summoning V 7th
Monster Summoning I 3rd Power Word, Stun 7th
Suggestion  3rd Binding 8th
Charm Monster 4th Mass Charm 8th
Confusion 4th Monster Summoning VI 8th
Emotion 4th Otto's Irresistible Dance 8th
Monster Summoning II 4th Power Word, Blind 8th
Shout 4th Monster Summoning VII 9th
Summon Lycanthrope 4th Power Word, Kill 9th