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I use your software everyday for business and personal use.  I bought a new TX, and while it is not completely compatible with every piece of software out there, your program is different and not a problem at all.  Transferring the database and installing went without a hitch.

Your product is really good.  I have been using it for the last 7 years!!!!

I have to say this is one of the greatest pieces of software ever.  It is truly the only reason I own a Palm and will continue to have one.  I cannot praise it enough for its simplicity and sheer scope.

I've been using PMT since '97 and couldn't live without it. Simple, clean interface. Efficient and fast. Does everything it needs to and doesn't cramp my style. Use the tutorial and you'll be just as satisfied I'm sure. I don't even need a checkbook register anymore and balancing accounts is a snap!  Expenses, investments, checking accounts, credit accounts all in one place.  The only weakness is importing and exporting. That all or nothing, complex CSV format works but it's a headache.  This is the only 3rd party program I've used ever since I've had a palm (6 years and counting).

I've being using PMT and PST since the beginning of 2000 and find this program and the support outstanding.  One of the key features that set this program apart from others is its ability to export in the CSV format. The fact that I can export a Balance/Income Statement to the Notepad then import it into Quicksheet (or Excel) for further analysis is awesome.  I also find the support to be excellent : Joan has always being quick to fix the few bugs that have been identified and appears always open to suggestions for product improvements.  Financial programs must be rock solid and I have never had any concerns managing my money with PMT/PST.  This program should be on Palmgears most essential list, I know it is on mine!

Thanks for the update.  I'm one of the many satisfied users of PMT.  I really appreciate how well you have designed this program.  

Great program.  Its has saved me many times it cost in not paying bank charges, and my reputation with the bank has gone up a few notches (as I discovered when we talked about a loan recently).

I would like to say thanks for creating this application as it is a complete package for keeping my finances straight. Keeping me in line budget wise and telling me my financial future! it does things NO OTHER Palm financial application does.  Believe me. I have used and registered 7 different ones until I came across this one. I guess I should have started at the bottom of my alphabetical list!

I've been using PMT xl and its companion program PST xl for a number of year and it has become my primary tool for managing my financials. Needless to say, my accounts have significantly multiplied over this period of time.

This application has changed my approach to personal finances. I invested the time to read the manual and do the tutorial. It was well worth it - I have a budget now, and I work with it. Don't always like what it shows me but at least I know. 

what else can i add to all this good opinions? PMT xl fits all my needs, it is fast and easy to handle.

This is a great tool. I have been using it for a year to track my income and expenses. It is very flexible and the handheld app meets all of my needs. It was totally worth the money.

Excellent piece of software. I have tried all other personal finance applications that I can find on PalmGear and I found PMT xl to be the best

I totally agree with the accolades about the program, handheld wise. It is neat, concise and easy to work with and interpret.

I give full 5 stars to this application. After evaluation for 2 weeks, I purchased this. 

Before version 7 (a.k.a. PMT xl) this was a solid tool, but with some limitations, which I wanted to report eventually to the author. Since the version 7 was introduced, this product is simply the best personal accounting program for Palm. Multicurrency, neat balance sheet, hierarchical accounts, simply more than I can imagine for such class of tool. 

I've been using PMT for about one year, and all I can say is: Excellent!!!. I tried many others financial programs before this, but PMT is the best. The new features in PMT xl are terrific!. Now it's better than ever. The customer service is also perfect, Joan is always there when you need some help.

I needed a simple and inexpensive money tracker and PMT provides this. I am very satisfied with it.

Gals and guys, it is wonderful... I work as controller and i am into figures and statements and budgeting, forecasting all the days, you know how complex are those tools... well, PMT gives you the same feelings and the same accuracy though it is so handly and simple... if you need to manage your own money (who don't?) try it, you will be 101% statisfied... Yeah 5 stars.

Customer service alone would rake in the 5 stars for this product. I made a mistake and lost my licensed copy of the software. A simple email to Joan McBride and there came "customer service" at such a pace that even the largest of corporations will have trouble to match. The product... simply superb. If you have not used it, you sure are missing something.

I love PMT! Such a brilliant, simple application! I can easily click to see how much money I take out of the ATM or see how much of my money goes to utilities, groceries, investments, etc. on a monthly basis. It's superb and easy to use! Well worth the registration.

Getting money out of me is like getting blood out of a stone, particularly when the AU dollar is less than half the US dollar but I bought this program. It's a great 'little' double entry accounting system. Brilliant.

This is fantastic software! I keep track of all my accounts, I can set the categories any way I like, and the mulitple currency feature is brilliant. Joan was very helpful with my questions. I had no trouble getting started with PMT. I would recommend it to anybody.


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