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Manufacturing and distributing, chemicals and accessories for microscopy
( T.E.M., S.E.M., L.M. )

Mecalab was founded more than 25 years ago by it's President Pierre Daignault.

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star.GIF (2136 bytes) Sale of new and used light microscopes.


star.GIF (2136 bytes)Repairs and maintenance of all makes and models of light microscopes.

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star.GIF (2136 bytes)Repairs of objectives (oil).

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star.GIF (2136 bytes) Manufacturing of purified glutaraldehyde (T.E.M.), osmium tetroxide: E.M. grade formaldehyde,
s-collidine, epoxies, anhydrides, E.M. stains,
films (Formvar®, collodion sol. etc...)




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star.GIF (2136 bytes) Formvar®/carbon coated grids


star.GIF (2136 bytes) Silicone rubber molds


star.GIF (2136 bytes) Distributing :  T.E.M. grids, S.E.M. stubs, Dumont® tweezers and surgicals, slides and cover slips, photography, health and safety supplies, optical accessories, graticules, eyepieces and objectives,
microscope bulbs.


star.GIF (2136 bytes) Fiber optic illuminators, cameras (video et 35mm etc...) / monitors, micromanipulators, Vibratome®, diamond knives.


Our catalogue is not yet available. Descriptions and price list only.
Inquire by Fax :
514-640-3073 or Email


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