The Best Purple Martin Video Ever Made!

A wonderful videotape of our beloved Purple Martins is now available from Monsieur Carol Arcand of Quebec, Canada. Simply entitled "The Purple Martin", the tape is a dream come true for martin enthusiasts the world over. Mr. Arcand is a professional videographer by trade who spent over 3 years filming this incredible documentary, including footage from the Purple Martin's breeding grounds in Quebec, to their South American wintering areas in Brazil.

Quite simply, the tape is spectacular! It features crystal clear, digitally remastered slow motion footage of martins flying gracefully over water, a flock of thousands of martins descending at top speed into a small cluster of trees in a Brazilian plaza to roost for the evening, footage filmed from inside an active nest, and much more. The tape will thrill any martin enthusiast and is a must have for your personal video collection.

Each time I watch the tape I get more and more excited about martins! The tape begins with close-up footage of a mature, ASY male martin chirping while perched atop a Trio castle. The light glistens off of his plumage revealing the beautiful steely iridescence that martins are famous for. After that, the tape just gets better and better. Thank you Carol Arcand for producing this video!

- Kent Justus / Little Rock, AR


My heartfelt thanks goes to Carol Arcand for producing such a spectacular Purple Martin video. We received ours today, and were mesmerized as we watched it earlier this evening. He has done Purple Martins and their landlords a great service by producing this video, not only with the exceptional photography and musical accompaniment, but equally, perhaps more important, with the educational narration. If you want to interest someone in martins, show them this video and tell them to take notes.

-Jim McIntosh Farmers Branch, TX


I received my copy of "The Purple Martin" video yesterday and I too thought it was a marvelous job photography and sound. After viewing it, I can hardly wait to hear the sounds of the Purple Martin's returning to my site this year. I plan to get more friends interested in the hobby by sharing the video with them.

-Bob Chaska, MN


Do not miss this chance to combine enjoyment with education. You will view it over and over... and you'll want to share it with all your friends and neighbors! The photography is AWESOME... and, as far as I can tell, it is scientifically impeccable!

Get your copy now... as I'd predict a big run on Carol's inventory. It will be one of the best investments you've ever made!

-Dan Drew, Indianapolis,  IN


I have viewed Monsieur Arcand's video and give it a rousing two-thumbs up! It is a lovely vision of Purple Martins with wonderful digital quality video, lovely accompanying music, close up shots of martins in day-to-day activities.

Some of the highlights are of the well-known Purple Martin colony site of the Bird Lady of Quebec, Madame Girard of the Montreal, Canada. Madame Girard's impressively-large and beautiful Purple Martin colony, situated along the magnificent St. Lawrence River, boasts an incredible two-hundred pairs of Purple Martins.

Another highlight profiled by Monsieur Arcand, using his talents as an experienced television cameraman, are some incredible shots of flying Purple Martins, including martins splash-bathing in the St. Lawrence River as well as the martins shown gathering mud along the river for their nest construction.

Without a doubt, this video will make a fine informational addition to any landlord's martin collection, not to mention a wonderful gift to give any Purple Martin landlord.

-Terry Suchma
Executive Director
The Purple Martin Society, NA