Purple Martin Video


Early each year, the Purple Martins begin their long journey from Brazil back to nesting sites in North America. Considered by many to be our most beautiful swallow, their arrival announces the return of warm and pleasant spring days. For Purple Martin landlords, it is time to raise their martin houses and gourds.

The video will allow you to discover the fascinating behaviours and activities of Purple Martins.  You will witness all stages of the nesting season, beginning with the martins’ departure from São Paulo State, Brazil, in South America, until the fledging of the last nestlings in North America.  You will hear the typical calls of Purple Martins and the special sounds of the male martin’s dawnsong that announces the laying of the first eggs.

For those who dream of establishing a Purple Martin colony, the information included here will provide a better understanding of the martin’s nesting requirements, information that is important to understand before purchasing or building a Purple Martin house.

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Running time: 46:36.

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