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A Womanists' World

A Place to explore your Femaleness and your Blackness. This page was created by Shana Calixte - a devout and glorious Womanist who believes in Womyn's equality. It is a clearly feminist zone with the intention of celebrating Black Wimmin in all their glory.

Afrocentric Homeschoolers Association

ACHA is a support group for home-based educating/deschooling/unschooling families in which there are children of Black heritage.


I'm a nappy-headed, know-it-all, big-mouth black girl who's out to chant down Babylon.

Dwayne's Homepage

The nature of this site's content is positive and uplifting. If ever your browsing the web one night not sure where to go next, visit this page. Yeah ... it's a nice vibe for the right state of mind.

The Child In Kani

You'll find pieces of me, people I was fortunate enough to meet, be touched by, what I saw, lived, learned, things (books, music, movies, places) I like and much more (dreams, fears, and so on).

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