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African Canadian Heritage Tour

The African Canadian Heritage Tour is comprised of 5 independent sites of historic significance located in South Western Ontario.

African Journeys: The Beginnings of the African Diaspora

African Journeys was created as a sources for people interested in the study of the lives of Black people in Europe, Asia and the Americas from 600-1650. Include extensive bibliography.

Andre Alexis

André Alexis was born in Trinidad in 1957 and grew up in Canada. His fiction has appeared in literary journals and in anthologies.

Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia

The Black Cultural Centre for N.S. is located on a three acre lot and is a large two story wood/brick building on the corner of Cherry Brook Road and Main Street, just outside of Dartmouth. Easily accessible by car of public transit.

Black Culture Interactive (BCI)

A cooperative project of the Black Cultural Centre and Dalhouise University's James Robinson Johnston Chair in Canadian Black Studies.

Black Studies Centre Online

The Black Studies Centre dedicates itself not only to the educational advancement of Blacks, but also to the recognition of the contributions they have made in helping Montreal to grow as a city.

British Columbia Black History Society

The British Columbia Black History Awareness Society, a non-profit society, was formed in February 1994 to continue the work started by the British Columbia Black History Awareness Committee, namely celebrating the achievements of Black people in British Columbia as part of Black History Month.

Cromwell Family Tree

This web site documents the history of the Cromwell family that settled in and around Southville, Nova Scotia, starting in 1783 when the first black loyalist and slaves came to Nova Scotia. Also included in this family tree are the Brights, Langfords, Jarvis's and Hatfields.

Nalo Hopkinson

I've lived in Toronto, Canada since 1977, but spent most of my first 16 years in the Caribbean, where I was born. My writing reflects my hybrid reality.

Portia White

Portia White's life defied stereotypes, and it is for this reason that she is held up today as a symbol of black achievement. She certainly was not typical of the average black woman in Nova Scotia before the Second World War.

Sam E. Langford: "The Boston Terror"

Born Weymouth, Nova Scotia March 4, 1883. Died Boston, Massachusetts January 12, 1956. A gentleman of proven skill and courage in the boxing ring he maintained the courage during his his later years of adversity.

Sir Raglan Presents

This website spotlights the Caribbean Island of Dominica and its people in an effort to bring expatriates closer together and be in touch with events at home. A special pictorial presentation of the island, loaded with links, music and commentary, invites visitors to share the natural beauty of our Nature Island.

Stanley G. Grizzle

The product of Jamaican parents who emigrated to Canada in 1911, Grizzle, born in Toronto, went on to place an indelible mark on the Canadian landscape.

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