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About CanadaNoir

To be a major Canadian web site based on Afro-Canadian content. The only one of its kind on the Internet.

There are literary dozens of African-American directories, content providers, and portals. CanadaNoir is a mixture of the three. We want the ideas, creativity, and literature of Afro-Canadians read by as many people as possible.

CanadaNoir started with just a links page. Then, we wanted the web sites to be linked together so that Afro-Canadians could see web sites done by other Afro-Canadians. Therefore, the CanadaNoir WebRing was born.

Then, we decided to take advantage of affiliate programs offered by Chapters and Amazon.com to create an Afro-Canadian bookstore called the CanadaNoir BookStore. It now has an unmatched list of books written by or about Afro-Canadian cultures.

To provide an afrocentric web site exclusively using Canadian content.