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Welcome to the CanadaNoir WebRing! The WebRing's goal is to link all Afro-Canadian related web sites on the Internet.

What is it?
The CanadaNoir WebRing is a collection of web sites, that contain Afro-Canadian related topics, connected together in a ring. Through navigation links found most often at the bottom of member pages, visitors can travel all or any of the sites in the ring. They can move through the ring in either direction, go to the next or previous site, or list the next five sites in the ring. They can jump to a random site in the ring, or survey all the sites that make up CanadaNoir WebRing.

The WebRing code (HTML fragment coding) looks like this:

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In order to join the CanadaNoir WebRing your website must have the following criteria:

  • It must contain Afro-Canadian related topics. That can be resources, services, sports, history, music, personal home page, etc.

  • It must be made in Canada or by a Canadian.

  • It must be kept up-to-date.

  • It must be suitable for ALL ages.

  • It must contain the proper HTML fragment coding provided to you through email.

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