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Pierre NOEL and Elisabeth AUGUSTIN

from Chire-les-Bois formely Chire-en-Montreuil, Poitiers diocese in Poitou, France, today a department of Vienne. Pierre is also the ancestor of the historian Ferland and of the Honarable Honore Mercier.

Francois NOEL came from France in 1665
Francois NOEL born 1st Jan. 1639 and Nicole LE GRAND born in 1648
married on 22 oct. 1669 in Québec
Francois deceased on 26 May 1725 ** Nicole deceased on 5 Oct. 1713

Philippe NOEL born on 28 Dec. 1670 and Marie-Madeleine RONDEAU born in 1673
married on 5 Nov.1692 in St-Pierre I.O.
Philippe deceased on 30 Sept. 1736 ** Marie-Madeleine deceased on 31 May 1750

Philippe NOEL born on 5 March 1705 and Genevieve LECLERC born on 4 Jan. 1711
married on 15 Nov.1729 in St-Pierre I.O.
Philippe deceased on 12 March 1760 ** Genevieve deceased on 29 March 1792

Philippe NOEL born on 13 March 1734 and Marie-Agathe AUBIN born on 9 April 1738
married on 10 Febr. 1755 in St-Pierre I.O.
Philippe deceased on 20 Dec. 1810 ** Marie-Agathe deceased on 12 June 1793

Alexis NOEL born on 4 April 1767 and Rosalie COTE born on 8 April 1773
married on 23 May 1791 in St-Antoine de Tilly Lotbiniere
Alexis deceased on 4 Jan. 1850 ** Rosalie deceased on 24 Aug. 1832

Alexis Altais NOEL born on 17 Jan. 1794 and Marie Magdeleine COTE born on 15 Dec. 1793
married on 17 Febr. 1824 in St-Antoine de Tilly Lotbiniere
Alexis Altais deceased on 12 Aug. 1853 ** Marie Magdeleine deceased on 22 April 1863

Remi-Seraphim NOEL born on 27 Dec. 1834 and Gracieuse DESROSIERS born on 28 Febr. 1847
married on 9 April 1866 in Ste-Flavie Rimouski
Rémi-Séraphim deceased on 14 Sept. 1909 ** Gracieuse deceased on 6 Febr. 1925

Emilio NOEL born on 20 Febr. 1888 and Germaine ST-LAURENT born on 2 June 1890
married on 6 juillet 1920 in St-Anaclet Rimouski
Emilio deceased on 10 Sept. 1971 ** Germaine deceased on 21 Febr. 1980

Raymond NOEL born on 4 Aug. 1929

Perpetual Gregorian Calendar

Maternal Lineage (Now in English)


I - Francois son of Pierre Noel and d'Elisabeth Augustin. Nicole daughter of Nicolas Le Grand, Ile-de-France, and of Anne Duplessis.

II - Philippe son of Francois Noel and of Nicole Le Grand. Marie-Madeleine daughter of Thomas Rondeau and of Anne Remondier, married on 31 October 1667, contract with notary Vachon.

III - Philippe son of Philippe and of Marie Madeleine Rondeau. He became first Seigneur de Tilly, Lotbiniere. Genevieve, daughter of Jean-Charles Leclerc and of Marguerite Bauche, married on 5 March 1696 in Ste-Famille, I.O. Jean-Charles had for parents Jean and Marie Blanquet. The parents of Marguerite were Guillaume Bauche and Marie Paradis.

IV - Philippe son of Philippe and of Genevieve Leclerc. Marie-Agathe Aubin daughter of Pierre Aubin and of Marguerite Marcou, married on 12 Nov. 1730 in St-Pierre I.O. Pierre Aubin had for parents Pierre Aubin and Marie Paradis. Marguerite had for parents Noel Marcou and Marguerite Cote.

V - Rosalie Cote daughter of Louis Cote and of Genevieve Gautier, married on 6 October 1769 in Ste-Croix. Louis Cote had for parents Jacques and Catherine-Therese Lambert. Genevieve was the daughter of Jean-Baptiste and M.-Catherine Hubert.

VI - Marie Madeleine Cote was the daughter of Jean-Baptiste and Elizabeth Huot (dit St-Laurent). She was born on 15 December 1793 and was baptised the follwoing day, in St-Antoine de Tilly. She died on 22 April 1863 and buried on 24 in St-Antoine de Tilly.

VII - Gracieuse Desrosiers/Dutremble, daughter of Joseph Desrosiers/Dutremble in Ste-Flavie village, Rimouski. She was born on 28 Febr. 1847 in Ste-Anaclet, Rimouski.

VIII - Germaine St-Laurent (Saint-Laurent), daughter of Valmore and d'Eugenie Grondin, born on 2 June 1890 in St-Anaclet, county of Rimouski. For more details on the St-Laurents, see Maternal Lineage below.

Maternal Lineage (Now in English)

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