Firehair, Lady Firehair

Symbol: Face of a red-haired, ivory-skinned beautiful woman

Sune is the fairest of goddesses. Benevolent and sometimes whimsical, she has been romantically tied to many of the other deities of Faerun. She alternates between deep passion and casual flirtations, enjoys attention and sincere flattery, and avoids anyone who is horrific or boorish. She loves and protects her followers, who in turn manifest and protect the beauty of the world.

The church of Sune is a loose and informal organization. Generally, the most attractive and charismatic clerics readily rise to lead it. Sune's temples are always beautiful and are constructed with numerous picturesque paths and promenades and surprising enchanting nooks in which to share moments of love, beauty, and passion. Sune's clerics sponsor artisans, build friendships and romances with themselves and among others, and destroy those who vandalize things of beauty.

Worshipers of Sune


Chaotic Good (Accepted all good and Neutral alignement..No Evil)


Chaos, Charm, Good,Law, Protection

Favored Weapon:


Holy Colors:

Red & Crimson

Holy Metal:


Holy Days:

Greengrass & Midsummer Night

Prayer Time:

Night, after a scented bath

The standard ceremonial and official garb of Sune clerics are monastic robes for men, habits for women, both cut to show off the figure and dyed a deep crimson. Men wear a crimson bandanna while women wear a red wimple with a v-shaped forehead piece. Hair is normally worn long, and while red hair is considered touched by the goddess, all shades of hair and skin are welcome, provided they are unmarred and lovely.

Adventuring clerics of Sune prefer as much protection (magical and otherwise) as they can afford - not that they are cowards, but they want desperately to avoid scars or even magical healing.