This page is dedicated to the memory of Nicole...

Nicole Brown-Simpson,

The Private Album of Her Life

The happy years

A devoted mother to Sydney and Justin

The last picture of Nicole alive

After that horrible night of June 12th, 1994...

June 13th; A sad day at 875 South Bundy Drive

The memory she left behind her...

All the evidence that proove O.J. is responsible of her murder

Nicole's fear; her calls to 9-1-1 in 1993

Her legacy still lives on

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Edith Robitaille
and had been designed by
Julie Robitaille
on January 1997.

This is for remembering Nicole Brown-Simpson, May 1959-June 1994, and to honor her memory as a devoted mother, a caring woman and an incredible strong human being who now lives in heaven...As a precious angel to Sydney and Justin.

Please donated to the Nicole Brown-Simpson Charitable Foundation. Remember, there is no excuse for abuse...