1. Nicole's pet dog Kato, a ferocious Akita, did not attack the killer, suggesting the murderer was someone who the dog knew, such as OJ.

2. Nicole's neighbor Robert Heidstra testifies he heard two men arguing and then saw a white van (similar to a Ford Bronco) rapidly leaving the murder scene.

3. Police find two sets of keys to Nicole's condo on OJ's possession. Nicole reported a set of keys missing a few weeks before the slayings.

4. Expert testimony state that the killer walked from the crime scene and did not run, proving he was familiar enough with his surroundings to safely walk away.

5. Witness Jill Shively says she saw OJ driving his speeding Bronco from the Bundy murder scene around the time of the slayings.


6. At 9:37 p.m. on the night of the murders, houseguest Kato Kaelin said he saw Simpson wearing a dark blue cotton sweat suit, the same kind of suit that produced the fibers found on Ron Goldman's shirt.

7. Kato hears thumps outside his window between 10:50 p.m. and 10:51 p.m. near where the bloody glove is found.

8. Kato testified that at around 11 p.m. the night of the murders, when he was loading OJ's five bags into the limousine for Simpson's trip to the airport, OJ told him not to touch the smallest black bag which was ready to be loaded into the car. It was the only bag Simpson told him not to touch.

9. Prosecutor believed the black bag held Simpson's bloody clothing and the murder knife. The bag was never seen again.

10. Limo driver Allan Park testified he saw five bags loaded into the car before he left Rockingham but skycap James Williams counted only three bags when OJ got out of the car. He said he noticed Simpson standing by a trash can afterward which led prosecutors to speculate that Simpson stuffed the small bag into the bin. Defense attorney's failed to produce the missing black bag.


11. A week before her death, Nicole tells friend Cici Shahian: "He's going to kill me and get away with it and charm the world because he's OJ Simpson".

12. Pals Faye Resnick and Robin Greir say Nicole told them OJ was going to kill her.

13. Nicole confides in therapist Susan Forward she feared OJ would murder her.

14. In 1982, OJ throws Nicole against a wall: In 1987, he shoves her to the ground; and in 1989, he slaps her and pushes her from a moving car.

15. Nicole makes out her will five weeks before she was murdered.

16. Police respond to a 911 call on New Year's Day 1989 to find a bruised and bleeding Nicole hiding in the bushes, wearing only a bra and sweatpants, crying: "He's going to kill me! He's going to kill me!"

17. Nicole has her sister Denise Brown take pictures of her bruised body, locks them in a safe-deposit box, and tell Denise: "I need proof that OJ beat me. Without proof no one will ever believe me. The public thinks he's a hero who can do no wrong.

18. A nightmarish 911 police recording in 1993 has Nicole shouting: "When he gets this crazed, I get scared...He gets a very animalistic look in him...His eyes are black, just black, I mean cold, like an animal."

19. Nicole tells Faye Resnick, "I look at (OJ's) arms and think 'God, are these going to be the arms that kill me someday?"

20. OJ admits to Resnick he was seeing a therapist over his volatile feelings for Nicole.

21. Nicole tells Kato she thought OJ would kill her with scissors.


22. The murders happen after Nicole reject OJ's company at their daughter's dance recital.

23. In preparation for what appeared to be a rendezvous with someone, Nicole has a bath ready and is burning candles just before her murder. Prosecutor Chris Darden believes OJ spied his ex-wife Nicole lighting candles and killed her in a jealous rage.

24. DNA evidence proved that five blood drops found near the killer's footprints at the Bundy murder scene belong to OJ.

25. DNA evidence showed that OJ's blood trail from his Bronco to his Rockingham estate included: one blood drop behind the Bronco on the street (Rockingham), one on the driveway just inside the Rochingham gate, three more on the driveway leading to the front door of Simpson's residence, five on the floor of the foyer and one on the bathroom floor.

26. DNA test proved that spots of blood on the driver's door of the Bronco was OJ's.

27. DNA tests proved that three blood stains found on the rear gate of Nicole's home belonged to OJ.

28. DNA tests proved that in at least one blood drop found at the Bundy murder scene, the chances of it belonging to anyone but OJ are about 170 million to one.

29. Just on the blood evidence alone, there's only one out of 57 billion chance that Simpson is innocent. Fifty-seven billion is approximately 10 times the current population of the entire world.

30. At the Bundy premises, Simpson's blood was found at the exact spot where the murders were committed.

31. Drops of OJ's blood lead from his driveway into the foyer of his Rockingham mansion.

32. Blood on socks in OJ's bedroom matches OJ's and Nicole's.

33. Cops find blood in the shower and sink of OJ's bathroom after the murders.

34. Tests show that three stains on the Bronco's console were a mixture of OJ's blood with that of both of the victims. Another console stain is a mixture of OJ's and Ron's blood, and Nicole's blood was found on the driver's side carpet.

35. Nicole's DNA in blood found on OJ's socks, occurs in olny 1 out of 21 billion people.

36. DNA from Ron Goldman's blood found on the Rockingham glove, has only a 1-in-41 billion chance of belonging to someone else.

37. Cellmark, the nation's largest private DNA laboratory, ran 11 genetic tests on blood drops found at the crime scene and on a blood drop found in OJ's house - and every test matched it with OJ's blood.


38. Fibers on the knit cap found at the murder scene match material in OJ's Bronco.

39. Fibers on the bloody glove found behind OJ's house match carpeting in OJ's Bronco.

40. Forensic test confirm fibers on Ron's shirt match the dark sweatsuit Kato says OJ wore the night of the murders.


41. Hairs found in the knit cap match OJ's.

42. Hair matching OJ's is found on Goldman's shirt.

43. A 12-inch hair matching Nicole's is discovered on the bloody glove.

44. A bloody glove matching the glove found at the murder scene that was found on OJ's property within hours of the murders contains a hair with the same microscopic characteristics as Ron's and Nicole's.

45. The killer's bloody shoe print found at the murder scene is from a size 12 Bruno Magli shoe, the same size worn by OJ.

46. OJ denies owning Bruno Magli shoes but a photo of OJ from a 1993 football game shows him wearing Bruno Maglis that match the prints at the murder scene.

47. GLOBE publishes photos of the Juice wearing Bruno Maglis at another football game.

48. FBI agent William Bodziak testified in the trial that an area of the bloody shoe print inside OJ's bronco could have been made from the corner of a Bruno Magli shoe.

49. Only 299 pairs of these size 12 rare Italian-made Bruno Magli shoes were ever distributed in the United States in 1991 and 1992, and were sold in olny 40 stores in the entire country, one of which is Bloomingdales in New York, where Simpson just happens to have a regular customer during the same period.


50. A bloody glove matching the one at the murder scene is found behind OJ's house near the air-conditioning unit, where Kato hears three thumps.

51. The glove at the murder scene and the glove at OJ's home are extra large: OJ's size. And they are a matching right and left glove.

52. Both gloves are identical to the type Nicole bought for Simpson at Bloomingdales in December of 1990, one of only two hundred pairs like them sold through out the whole country that year.

53. Photos and videos of OJ show him wearing the gloves that match the ones found at his home and the murder scene.


54. On the night of the murders, OJ cuts the knuckle of his left middle finger. Investigators determine the murderer is cut on the same side based on the blood drops found immediately to the left of the killer's shoe print.

55. Asked by police how he cut his finger, OJ first said: "I don't know". He then said he cut it in Chicago and immediately afterward said he reopened the cut in Chicago, admitting that he cut himself in L.A

56. When Simpson was interrogated by LAPD detectives on the afternoon after the murders, he said he had not cut himself the last time he was at the Bundy address a week earlier. Defense attorney tried to say that his blood at the murder scene came from a previous visit to the address; not on the day of the murders.

57. When police arrested Simpson he had three other cuts besides the deep wound on his finger and seven abrasions.


58. OJ doesn't ask questions about his ex-wife's murder when police notify him in Chicago.

59. The Juice doesn't ask police anything about the safety of his two youngest children after he's told his wife has been murdered at her home.

60. Simpson complains about the heat and sweats during his limo drive to LA airport- even though it is cool out and the air conditioning is on.

61. Flight attendant Beverly Deteresa says OJ gulped down glasses of water and went to the bathroom every 15 minutes throughout the flight.

62. OJ does not shed one tear during his first interview about the murder of his ex-wife.

63. He spends less than a minute at Nicole's grave during his first visit after he's acquitted of murdering her.

64. OJ promises to hunt down the "real" killer of Nicole and Ron Goldman, but fails to pursue his own investigation- even when private investigators offer their services to him for free.

65. The Juice expresses no surprise when police tell him he's a suspect in the murders.

66. Photos show OJ holding a gun to his head during the low-speed chase.

67. Simpson writes a suicide note that is read after his escape from arrest on June 17, 1994. The note is written from pal Robert Kardashian's house on June 15- and reeks of guilt.


68. Cellular phone records put OJ in his Bronco at 10:03 p.m., only minutes before the murders took place.

69. OJ's Ford Bronco is parked at a haphazard angle in front of his home the night of the murders.

70. OJ flees from cops on June 17, 1994 in Cowling's Ford Bronco.

71. Jennifer Peace, Cowling lover, tells a grand jury AC admitted OJ was heading to Mexico in the Bronco.

72. After OJ's arrest, police find in his possession a passport, a gun, a fake mustache and a beard, and fresh changes of underwear in the Bronco.

73. Police find cash totaling $8, 750 in Cowling's possession after the Bronco chase. Cowling later says OJ told him to carry the money.

74. A receipt found in the Bronco shows OJ purchased his false beard and mustache on May 27, 1994, just two weeks before the murders.


75. Denise Brown testifies her reaction to Nicole's death was: "Oh my God, he killed her. He always said he would kill her".

76. Juditha Brown says OJ threatened to kill the Brown family in 1979 if Nicole left him.

77. Juditha says after OJ and Nicole divorced in 1992 he became "very neurotic" and phoned his former mother-in-law "six times a day" to tell her how upset he was about the split.


78. Two plastic bags were missing from the hotel room in Chicago where OJ stayed.

79. A broken glass is found in OJ's Chicago hotel room the day after the murders. Simpson says he had reopened the cut on his finger on that glass after he heard the news of his ex-wife's murder. But the glass didn't have any blood on it.


80. Defense witness Dr. Robert Huizenga, at one time the team physician for the Los Angeles Raiders, was called to the stand in the trial to establish that Simpson's arthritic condition would have prevented him from commiting the murders. But he conceded on cross-examination that Simpson definitely was physically capable of commiting the murders of Nicole and Ron.

81. There's only one hour during the 24-hours day that OJ does not have an alibi: the hour of the murders. OJ brushes that off by saying he was home alone.

82. Defense attorney Johnnie Cochran tells the jury that OJ was chipping golf balls at the time the murders took place, while Simpson tells the limo driver he was napping.

83. When he's late for his limo, Simpson tell the chauffeur that he overslept. But the driver seeing a large figure about 6-ft 2-in tall, dresses in black and weighing 200 pounds, walk into the entrance of Simpson's home-at the time OJ says he was sleeping.

84. Also, the chauffeur says he saw this figure at the time he saw Kato walking around with a flashlight (after hearing the three thumps). And the figure was coming from the direction where Kato heard three thumps.

85. Limo driver Park said he rang OJ's buzzer for 20 minutes without a reply, but shortly after he saw the figure going into Simpson's home, OJ answered the buzzer.

86. An expert testifies the bloody gloves would have fit OJ except that blood and moisture caused the extra-large gloves to shrink a full size.

87. OJ claims he couldn't have murdered anyone because of his old football injuries, but just before the slayings, he made an exercise video and he still plays golf on a regular basis.

88. OJ's son Jason, admits he originally thought his father was guilty.

89. OJ says blood at the murder scene came from times he played there with his children before, but the drops are close to the bloody footprints leading from the bodies.


90. Experts say the murders are consistent with a rage killing, not a Mafia hit or a professional slaying. There is no sign of a break-in or a burglary at the murder scene.

91. In 60 percent of all domestic murders the killer beats his victim, strangles his victim, stabs his victim or slashes his victim's throat.


92. Jennifer Peace says AC told her the knife "sleeps with the fishes".

93. Friends say OJ knew Nicole's worst fear was to be killed with a knife


94. Nicole's mom Juditha Brown reveals she overheard OJ moaning "I loved you too much," over Nicole's casket.

95. Pals say OJ told Nicole "If I can't have you, no one else can".

96. Prosecutor Darden claims OJ told a pal the night of Nicole's murder "I'm going to get her. I'm going to teach her a lesson".

97. Ron Shipp say OJ told him he had dreams of killing Nicole.

98. OJ sobbed: "I didn't mean to do it. I didn't mean for things to turn out this way," according to Cowling's girlfriend Jennifer Peace.

99. GLOBE discovers OJ took a polygraph test before the trial and scored a minus 20, which is classified as deceptive.

100. OJ lawyer Robert Shapiro says "probably did it" is not sufficient to convict his client.

101. Prison guard Jeff Stuart in the room when OJ talked to minister Rosey Grier swears in an affidavit he heard OJ shout: "I didn't mean to do it. I'm sorry."

...But still to this day, NOBODY will never forget who the real Nicole Brown was; a devoted mother, a beautiful women with a lot of dreams and hope but most of all, a very special person that would stay forever in our life for having touched us by her devastating end.

- Edith Robitaille.

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