KNmap (KDE frontend for Nmap)


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This project was sponsored by - Montreal networking, security and VPN specialists

** KNmap 0.9 released **

This webpage sucks. I will redo it when I get the time

KNmap his quite similar to nmapfe except that it is written with for Qt 2.3 / KDE 2 .KNmap supports all nmap scan methods and a great deal of options. This is only a devel release but I would like to get feedback.This version has been released quickly. THERE WILL BE BUGS .Please report them

Check out the changelog on this page to see what has changed. By the way this project is GPL

Bug reports here
Comments here
Got ideas for improvements send them here


Just do the usual :
make install

To uninstall KNmap do:
make uninstall

You will need KDE 2.2 and QT 2.3 to build KNmap 0.9

Tested and compiled on redhat 7.2. Should work with all distros

If you have trouble compiling email me


Version 0.9:

Version 0.8.1:

Version 0.8:

Version 0.7.2:

Version 0.7.1:

Version 0.7:


Qt 2.3 / KDE 2 ( this version is actually way better then the old one )



Qt 1.44 / KDE 1



SCREENSHOT ( png format )