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Support site for 
SPSS Programming and Data Management book

What is this book? Click to see a picture of the Cover Page

Purpose of this site

How to order the book


What is this book?

SPSS Programming and Data Management: 
A Guide for SPSS and SAS Users

The book was released by SPSS on January 7th, 2004. Here is the description found on SPSS's site:

SPSS is pleased to announce the availability of "SPSS Programming and Data Management: A Guide for SPSS and SAS Users" written by SPSSX list member, Raynald Levesque, already well known for his practical solutions to complex SPSS programming problems. 

The book reveals the wealth of functionality beneath the SPSS graphical user interface, with detailed examples of command syntax, the macro facility, scripting, and the new Output Management System. Until now, no other book has focused on these features, and many users have been unaware of the data management power and flexibility available in SPSS. The book also contains a chapter for users familiar with SAS, demonstrating how many common data management tasks are performed in both SAS and SPSS.

View the table of contents for a detailed list of topics.


Purpose of this site

Welcome to the support site of my book. I intend to 

  1. post any required errata or useful comments
  2. provide bonus material (extension or generalization of some of the code included on the CD)

Because the book is so new, there is nothing yet related to support.


How to order the book

The book is available from www.amazon.com and from most of their sites in other countries.
Those in the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Island may order from SPSS online store. The price is $26 US  while the least expensive available S&H cost is $5.
  1. go to SPSS's main site
  2. click Store in the top right corner
  3. select Books
  4. locate and click the hyperlink for SPSS Programming and Data Management
  5. you can click on Add to Basket

The easiest method is to order from www.amazon.ca 
For those in Other Countries

Either check at the "regional" amazon site or 

SPSS has about 35 offices around the world. Contact the nearest office and enquire about the book. These offices can order copies of the book from the Head Office for subsequent distribution to their users. I am not aware of prices and S&H in these countries.




This page was last updated on October 02, 2004.  Raynald's SPSS Tools

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