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During the 1990s the Bootography helped many of us determine which recordings were the best of each show, and where we should spend our hard-earned dollars (or pounds). At $40 to $60 for a bootleg, it was helpful to know which recordings to avoid! With the cost of a CD-R now only a few cents, and very few still purchasing store-bought bootlegs, I am no longer updating this site.

In addition, it has become increasingly difficult to get accurate information on the more widely-distributed bootlegs (as opposed to homemade CD-Rs). With all the CD-R copies of shows, it is impossible to distinguish one version from another.

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Please note that I do not sell CDs of any kind and will not make recommendations of where to buy any. Please do not e-mail asking for help in this area or to chastise me for not providing this information.

The bootography may be reproduced, retransmitted, redistributed and otherwise propagated at will, in whole or in part, provided that this and the following paragraph remain intact and in place, and that any reproduction is not for profit. This list in no way constitutes a recommendation by any of the parties concerned that the reader should purchase bootlegs. It is intended as a guide for those who are already resigned to buying.

This reference source of Eric Clapton live recordings was placed on the www, and has been compiled, edited and maintained by Rick Braley (Canada) since June 1995. The information contained within is collected from many sources, including several of the past and present subscribers to the "Slowhand Digest," a mailing list founded and maintained by John "fish" Vanderpool (US) until October of 1996; without his remarkable efforts this information would never have been collected. The Slowhand Digest is now maintained by Dave Hillman (US). The original text bootography was started by John McIlroy (UK), who collected information from January 1994 to the spring of 1995.

I would like to express my gratitude to a friend in Montreal ("Al"), "Mark" in Virginia, and "Pogo" in the UK. These three people have helped me by providing information and corrections consistently over many years. The enthusiasm for providing entries and corrections has never decreased from these three people, who will remained unnamed so that they will not be harassed by those wanting copies of their collections.

I would also like to thank Brian Davies who created the backgrounds and EC-related graphics when I moved the Bootography to the web. The graphics he created were kept in April 2000, when I further updated the look of the site to include frames, and a more usable sidebar.

The bootography contains several hundred entries (with entries being as large as a 20-CD boxed set) and more than 3,000 links. If you encounter any errors or problems please e-mail me.


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