Clapton Bootography



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The bootography started as a collection of reviews on the Slowhand mailing list in January 1994. After some organization, John McIlroy (formerly of released version 0.980 on February 26, 1994.

In June of 1995 the bootography was turned over to Rick Braley ( with whom it now resides at

In addition to numerous corrections, made with help from many online friends, several sound-quality ratings are revised, and many new listings are added. The most significant changes are made to the web version, which now contains links to all entries and cross references (about 2,000 in total).

In March of 1996, Brian Davies ( is recruited to give the introductory files a new look so that the bootography can have form as well as substance. Brian is responsible for all the backgrounds, EC-related graphics, and designs for the bootography file. I am very grateful to him for his contribution, and am delighted with the result of his work. In March of 1999 Brian volunteered his services for another round of improvements. In April 2000 I added frames to make the sidebar more usable.

Thanks are especially due to a friend in Montreal who has kindly loaned me hundreds of CDs to hear for the benefit of this bootography. For several years this friend made a great contribution by finding Japanese CDs specifically for me to hear and include at this site. I have included my initials beside any comments that I have added since taking over the bootography, or submitted to earlier versions. To indicate information that has been sent to me, I include the initials of the person sending the information followed by my initials. This way my comments can be distinguished from John McIlroy's should anyone have questions for me.