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Various 60s


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"Live At Marquee Club, London March 1964" - Back Trax - CD 488011 - sb5
7 tracks on 1 CD. Total time : 31:53
Recorded at the Marquee, London on ??/03/64
EC/ Keith Relf(Vocals & Harmonica)/ Paul Samwell-Smith(Bass)/ Chris Dreja(Rhythm Guitar)/ Jim McCarty(Drums)

Five Long Years/ Pretty Girl/Louise/ I'm A Man/Here 't Is

Recorded live on Swedish Radio 1967
Jeff Beck(Guitar)/ Jimmy Page(Bass)/ Keith Relf(Vocals & Harmonica)/ Chris Dreja(Rhythm Guitar)/ Jim McCarty(Drums)

I'm A Man/ Over Under Sideways Down

Front and inner cover both feature pictures of the Beck/Page line-up only. The five Yardbirds w/EC songs are the same concert as the Five Live Yardbirds album, but unedited: i.e. all of the song introductions are complete, and the between-song banter and tuning up are included too.(P.W.)