Good runners run tall, they tend not to hunch or lean. There is an economy and integrity in their form and movement. Their heads remain poised and balanced on top of their spine. They run smoothly, lightly with the brakes off, they don't pound or "excavate" on every stride.

Good runners run with awareness. They listen to the whispers so they don't have to hear the screams." When it comes to training and competition, they learn to trust the process



The Alexander Technique is a dynamic system of mind and body integration, which enlivens the experience of living, a system, which can radically enhance the performance of all athletes. It can help runners cultivate their sense of body awareness, which is one of the most powerful factors in improving their performance. Through improved kinaesthetic awareness they discover how to reduce extraneous movement and how to redirect energy so that it is applied exactly where and when it is needed.

Alexander Technique lessons stress the importance of the head neck back relationship, which enables pupils to improve their overall poise and balanceDr David Garlick of the University of New South Wales in Australia found that the neck muscles provide vital feedback to the entire nervous system.

"When your neck muscles are tense and contracted then every other set of muscles will have to work harder. A free neck and well balanced head means you are able to release 'locked-in' tension in other parts of the body too, and gain more ease in every movement."

In his book Middle Distance Running Percy Cerutty, coach of Olympic gold medal winner Herb Elliot states

"The head rests loosely on the shoulders, that is, is not held rigid. It should be capable of movement as the needs of the athlete demand. In my techniques I often test this rigidity of an athlete. Many are quite incapable of turning their heads freely on their neck and shoulders. Any rigidity here spreads right through the whole musculature. Keep the head and neck free and the rest of the moving parts will tend to be free."

 BIO INFO: Malcolm Balk (MSTAT-1984) lives and teaches the Alexander Technique in Montreal, Canada. A competitive Master's runner, Malcolm has completed five marathons and briefly held the Canadian sub-masters 1500 meter record. He is currently the Head Coach of the Cross Country and Track and Field programs at Concordia University.




The Alexander Technique has been around for the last 100 years and for the past ten years Malcolm Balk has been helping runners from all over the world discover how the principles of the Alexander Technique can help them run like a Kenyan...well almost !

The RUNNING TALL WORKSHOP helps the runner learn to focus and organize awareness in ways which encourage and promote greater freedom, power and efficiency

Key concepts include "why less is more", "why it pays to pay attention" "learning to run on the legs, not with the legs" "common misconceptions about running or what you don't have to do to get from A-B" and "running tall"

The RUNNING TALL WORKSHOPS are now in their 9th year of operation

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