An introduction to SamArc

The world today is in constant transformation, not only government, companies and communities have to adapt to new environments and seek new ways to approach development but they also have to do it faster then ever.

Whether organisations are active in very focused implementation or in wider program provision they need appropriate and immediate inputs.

SamArc Consultant International specialised in the field of housing project implementation and housing program designing and for such provides tailored made support programs using the most advance techniques.

The services offered by SamArc

SamArc Consultant International servicesí features: in dept preparation, focus inputs to clients, accurate analysis, originality and appropriate solutions.

SamArc Consultant International works in the following areas:


  • Programs of transfer of technology and economic knowledge
  • Training programs using tailored made and interactive methodology
  • SamArc's partners

    SamArc Consultant International works with the following organisation:

    Private sector developers

    Financial institutions

    Development agencies

    Governmental and parastatal agencies

    Municipal, private corporations or associations and Co-operatives

    Non-governmental organisation and community based organisations

    The initiators of Samarc

    Cécile Arcand and Jacques Samson the Directors of SamArc have more then 20 years experience in designing, planning, implementing and managing social and private housing programs and projects. Having worked with financial institution, private developers, non-governmental organisation, international development agencies and network organisations, they also have to their credit the setting up of housing corporations and co-operatives. This experience was acquire in Canada and in countries such as, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, Thailand and Zambia with various European, African and American agencies.

    The projects of SamArc

    Since the beginning of its operations in 1996 SamArc has worked with many development projects in Canada and overseas countries such as:

    Blaauwberg City Council (South Africa);

    Proposal for the implementation and financing of a Housing Corporation.

    Results achieved: the approval of the project and the setting up of the housing corporation by the municipality, approval by the provincial authorities of a credit programme and the approval of a financial package to be allocated by the National housing Finance Corporation.

    Enda / Banque de l'habitat - Senegal;

    Prepare a Housing Co-operative financial scheme for low and informal sector income earners, support negotiations for governmental and financial institution approval. Train co-operative Board members and staff for the implementation and management of the project. Done through several on site missions and distance follow-up, sponsored by Rooftops Canada.

    Quebec Housing Board - Quebec, Canada

    Prepared a proposal for implementation of a Housing Products Export Program.

    Employees credit union of Terma Oil Refinery (TOR) - Ghana,

    Prepared a feasibility study for the implementation of a housing project and a Housing Association. Design a financial program for the funding of housing projects. The project is being sponsored by the Credit union of Ghana, the Canadian Co-operative Association and Rooftops Canada.

    National Housing finance Corporation, (NHFC) - South Africa

    Senior advisor for the NHFC a private financial institutions set-up by the South African government to provide finance for housing developments.

    Responsibilities of the designing, implementation and marketing of funding and guarantee programs for housing projects, credit policies, organisational structure of service delivery and training of NHFC senior staff. Achievement beyond its business development fixed objective of $ 500 M.can for the first three years.

    Cope housing Association (CHA) Johannesburg, South Africa

    General Management of the CHA, operating a annual budget of $1million,

    to develop collective ownership forms of housing. The responsibilities consisted of planning and managing the operations, human resources, business plan, financial resources, negotiating with government authorities to develop appropriate programmes and policies, planning and development of more then 1,000 housing units, education, training and transfer of skills.

    Consultancy work in international development.

    In Djibouti, Haiti, Lebanon, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa, Thailand, Tanzania and Zambia ; countries amongst others where missions and project work as been done for in collaboration with: Rooftops Canada / Abri International, l'Association Canadienne des Coopératives (CCA), Confédération Québécoise des Coopératives d'Habitation (CQCH), Conference Board of Canada, Société d'Habitation du Québec (SHQ). Private companies involved in international import / export activities.

    To reach SamArc

    SamArc Consultant International

    383 rue Murray, Greenfield Park Qc, J4V 1N6 Canada,

    Tel: 450 671-7470 Fax : 450 671 3520