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This windmill, the SAMBRABECsystem, is a unique turbine type as opposed to the more traditional propeller or blade systems. SAMBRABEC, the manufacturer, presently holds various technological patents in many countries for this windmill. 
It is the only one (see unique characteristics) known for having a wind-harnessing efficiency exceeding 50% and for resisting winds in excess of 150 km/h and it only requires a minimum wind of 8 km/h to produce power.

Unlike the competition's approach, where developing large scale electrical systems requires years of costly planning, development and construction, SAMBRABEC provides easy to install smaller turnkey systems which rapidly fulfils the demand for power at a low cost.

The range of SAMBRABEC's SAMBRABEC system systems is from 1 KW to 20 KW (more when networked) which can usually be erected within a day, and this constitutes SAMBRABEC's market niche. Each SAMBRABEC system can be installed to serve a single user or networked for multiple users. To calculate your needs, click here.

Also, when appropriate, many SAMBRABEC systems could be linked together to create a mini-power grid serving one large user or many smaller users. This increases the overall capacity of the system and allows each user to benefit from more peak power when other users don't necessarily need it at the same time. 

A SAMBRABEC system is most frequently installed at the end of a 30 ft. or 50 ft post depending on the landscape, or even on a building roof. This flexibility is possible because of the light weight of the SAMBRABEC system, its silent and non-vibrational operation, and also because its design structure is engineered to have the least resistance to strong winds.

Another important advantage of the SAMBRABEC system is that it can be linked to other more or less conventional sources of energy. Such hybrid configuration (wind-diesel /solar /power utility /etc.) allows the user to benefit from the low cost of energy generated by the windmill (approx. 5¢US / 8¢CAD per KWh based on a 10-yr amortization of the system) and keep the other source as its backup, should the power consumption exceed the battery reserve during a low velocity wind period.

For the sake of comparison, the power utilities charge 5¢US / 8¢CAD per kWh (Hydro-Quebec) and could go as high as 24¢US / 40¢CAD per kWh in some countries around the world. The cost per kWh for power goes up to 29¢US / 45¢CAD when produced from a diesel generator, up to 19¢US / 30¢CAD when produced from solar sources and up to 10¢US / 15¢CAD when produced from other windmill types. These data do not take into consideration future increases in diesel costs or rates of the power utilities. This demonstrates how the SAMBRABEC system is one of the most competitive and efficient sources of electrical power. See our list price here.

The SAMBRABEC system turbine can also be used mechanically, when the situation calls for it, e.g. to pump fluid (water) or any other mechanical use judged appropriate.

Another major advantage of the SAMBRABEC system, unique world-wide, is its modular design. This allows the user to expand by adding more turbines to be stacked on the same axis thus increasing the power produced by the system. This can be done after the system is installed at a fraction of the initial cost.

In summary, the SAMBRABEC system system is simple, maintenance free and provides a high degree of efficiency for residential, agricultural and commercial applications, making it the best solutions. It can also be installed and operational within a day.

The SAMBRABEC system has been granted various prizes, among which the TRANSTECH INTERNATIONAL in 1987 and the SNC in 1991.

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