Project Manager Toolbox

Chosing a Domain Name

Magicien Whois
About : MagicienWhois is a site to find domain name with keyword who are not already reserved.
Note: French interface but working well with english keywords.

Example of Magicien Whois

Site Report

Site Report Card (Broken Links, Misspelled Words, HTML Validation, Load Time Analysis, Meta Tag Optimization, Image Optimization, Search Engine Inclusion, Site Popularity, Keyword Analysis)
PageRank Overlay
Who are your neighbours (Class C checker)
URL Trends
Optimum Backlink Tool by Linkhounds

Which backlink text use ?

Cool SEO Tool

Spider Simulator

Web Conf Spider Simulator
Poodle Predictor

See inside Flash

URL Rewriting

Apache Mod Rewrite
SEW Apache Mod Rewrite Tips


About:Directories to submit your site

DMOZ : Open Direcory Project
Yahoo! Canada
Yahoo! USA
About: Main french directory.

Toile du Québec (paid only now)
About: Quebec main directory who accept bilingual canadians sites

Removing your URL from Google Database
Note: You need a Google Account.

Google Spam Report
Google Update History Chart

Page Rank Tools and other Analysers

PageRank without Google Toolbar
About: To show rapidly the PR of a page by submiting a list of URL

Keyword Pagerank Finder
About: To list the first PR pages results list for a given keyword
Note: If your enter diacritic character in french (é,à,ù) you'll have not the same results as Google SERPs.

Position Analyser on Keywords & More
About: Really nice tool to know your position, how many pages in the Google index, allinanchor position and how many backlink pointing to the first 10 results.

Competition Analyser Keywords Tracker
About: Your site position on keywords with a history of the ranking position.

Google-Yahoo! Visual Ranking Comparator
About: Nice tool to compare visually Google vs Yahoo! ranking for the first hundred sites.

Google-Yahoo!-MSN-AlltheWeb-AltaVista-Teoma-Wisenut Visual Ranking Comparator
About: Same as precedant but with more Search Engines.

See the Competition PageRank on Keywords
About: Good ranking tool but very different from other metric. Valuable infos based on the Alexa Toolbar frequentation.
Note: This tool have a problem with subdomain name like all the ""

81 SEO Tools

Log Analyser

ClickTracks 5
About: One of the most innovative log analyser

NetIQ Webtrends
OPML File of my aggregator

Graphic Designer ToolBox

Files Renamer Tools

Rename Master
Flexible Renamer
About: Tool to automate the processing of renaming your graphics files and directories to use relvant keywords in it


About: One of the older Toolbar. Work with any site who got a search engine. Easily configurable.
Google Toolbar
Yahoo! Companion Toolbar
Note: A new beta version will soon be available with WebRank Function who gonna monitor the site visited by the toolbar. Probably thoses data will help the Yahoo! Algorithm to rank sites.

Usability Analyser

ClickTracks 5
About: This program is a log analyser but if you go look to the demo you'll see it as a good tool to analyse your design usability.

Copywriter Toolbox

Words Popularity and Associates Keywords

Google Suggest: Search Term Suggestion
Overture: Search Term Suggestion Tool
Overture: Suggestion de mots clé
Keywords Discovery
Overture & Wordtracker
Google Search Counts Tool - Beta WordTracker
Espotting (french but work with english words)
Keywords Search Tools for the Majors Countries

Keyword Permutation Tool

Words Density

Words Density on a specificURL

Avoiding Spam Techniques

Search engine Web Spam Taxonomy

Top Chart List Trends

Lycos Top 50
Google Zeitgeist
Ask Jeeves Top List

Online Tools for Synonyms (english)
Synonymes (french)
About: Thoses Thesaurus help the copywriter to find different keywords who can help attracting people to your site.