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oct. 2006   New updates feature new catalogue entries, plus an updated compilations section.

This year is turning out to be quite spectacular with a great number of releases. Scott Walker with his disturbing "The Drift", plus new singing Johann Johannsson, Beirut, M Ward, Emma Pollock are all coming with new records in the next months.

nov. 2006   Plague Songs & The Margate Exodus
Featuring contributions from Scott Walker, Rufus Wainright, Brian Eno, Robert Wyatt, Stephin Merritt (Magnetic Fields), Laurie Anderson and Imogen Heap, Plague Songs is released by 4AD on Monday October 2nd in the UK.

This fascinating, unsettling and unique project comes down to one simple idea : a collection of songs based on the ten Biblical plagues that take place in the Book of Exodus.

nov. 2006   Johann Johannsson
Johann Johannsson's single "The Sun's Gone Dim And The Sky's Turned Black" is released today. It precedes his much anticipated debut album for 4AD - IBM 1401, A User's Manual - which will follow on October 30th.

nov. 2006   M Ward
4AD new singing: M Ward - Post-War Out Now

oct. 2005   4AD Celebrates 25 Years!!!

This november, 4AD will celebrate it's 25 years of existance. there are all kinds of goodies in store. A series of concerts, a new compilation called 1980 Forward, a new remastered Cocteau Twins Singles Box Set, There's also been talk of putting out The Wolfgang Press' Burden of Mules and Mass' Labour of Love on CD! (Finally!)

Starting on 17th of November, there will be a series of live performances spread over 10 nights. Highlights include : TV On The Radio playing their only UK show of the year at London's Scala; The Breeders, performing in the beautiful surroundings of Blackheath Halls; Kristin Hersh playing two contrasting shows; and appearances by artists new to the label which are yet to be announced. Tickets for all shows are on sale now.

The full list of shows is :

25 Years of 4AD 17 - TV On The Radio plus special guests (The Scala)
18 - Minotaur Shock & Magnetophone plus special guests (The Luminaire)
19 - The Breeders plus special guests (Blackheath Halls)
20 - The Breeders plus special guests (Blackheath Halls)
21 - Kristin Hersh performing the songs of Throwing Muses (The Scala)
22 - Kristin Hersh performing songs from Hips And Makers onwards (The Scala)
23 - The Mountain Goats plus special guests (Bush Hall)
24 - Celebration plus special guests (The Water Rats)
25 - Mojave 3 & Mark Kozelek (Conway Hall)
27 - Blonde Redhead & Johann Johannsson (The Scala)

To coincide with the shows, 4AD will release a compilation that explores the highways and byways of the label's 25 year history. There will also be a very limited edition "bespoke" version of the compilation, available only from the brand new website at The site, designed by Vaughan Oliver, is being launched next month; the limited edition compilation will allow fans to choose any selection of tracks from 4AD's catalogue - it will be hand-made for them, and delivered in an exclusive v23 designed sleeve.
Ivo is also suppose to be working on a brand new Hope Blister project as well as remastering the Blister's Underarms. Strange but true!

4AD also signed quite a few acts recently: Celebration, with a single coming soon, Wolf & Cub and Emma Pollock.

So Stay alert and tuned for more news and visit regularly.

Magnétophone have released the gorgeous '...and may your last words be a chance to make things better' on 7" and download (check out the audio sample over at Playlouder!), for 4AD. It features vocals from HMS Ginafore, and is an extended version of the track which originally appeared on the 'Kel's Vintage Thought' single, which came out last year. Their new album follows next month, and is bloody great! There'll be a very limited CD version, as well as a regular format...

From official sources, Minotaur Shock releases his/their second single from the 'Maritime' album - 'Muesli' - and another slice of loveliness it is - on 12" only, and download too.... 'Muesli' is a reworked edit of the album track, and is, in David’s words, "an attempt to sound like a sailor's horn pipe being played by those Harryhausen skeletons out of Jason & The Argonauts. Blowing down the hollow bones of their victims and playing the marimba on the skulls of the dead." - BAD 2515

nov. 2004   Last Update before 2005

According to official sources, Dead Can Dance will tour in 2005. More news forthcoming.

TV On the Radio have a new single out as I write these lines and it's called "New Health Rock". Do yourselves a favor and buy it now.

Rachel Goswell will have a new single in the next year. You can get 50 Foot Wave's Live recordings from 4AD's main site at 4AD: The Site

Scott Walker, legendary singer who inspired many others, including Brendan Perry, is now signed to 4AD. Expect an album in 2005. If you don't know anything about this man, try to get a hold of the compilation "Boy/Child" that features most of his best songs.

In other news, David Gunstone who was once a member of Bearz (a very early 4AD band) sent me this e-mail:

As well has having a great album in 2004, a new Blonde Redhead EP, 'The Secret Society Of Butterflies', is due in early 2005 on 4AD. Blonde Redhead have a video for the song "Melody" directed by Slater Bradley. Check it out at 4AD: The Site. what became of....
re: my ex 4AD band BEARZ
i will send discography etc if You wish to use and update history of bearz. I am working on new material,influences include PIXIES/BOWIE/SISTERS o m.Shooting first video soon influenced by MANSON/BOWIE vids. Look forward to reply thanks Dave ps hope to start Bearz web to promote new material,also feature film track in near future.

Looking forward to more news.

2004 was a wonderful year for the label with lot's of new and exiting releases. For the label's 25th year, let's hope for more surprises.

  Old News: May 2004
may 2004   An update at last! 2004 is turning out to be a very active year for the label. So many good records are coming out, it's hard to keep track.

50 Foot Wave, Kristin Hersh's new band is starting to make "wave" with quick, short and sweet releases. Check out the throwingmusic web site for more info.

Vinny Miller's 1st album is finally released! And what a fine debut. Those of you, who, like me, missed a quirky release by 4ad will be pleased with this one. Not for the faint of heart. You have been warned...

Also be on the look out for Cass McCombs and the Mountain Goats. Their brand of quirly guitar music can be addictive.

Lisa Gerrard, Mojave 3, Rachel Groswell have or will release records this year.

Scott "the Legend" Walker the man who inspired tons of singers-crooners (Ian McCulloch, Brendan Perry, etc...) is now signed to 4AD.

Also the band that's turning out to be my fave at the moment: Blonde Redhead! The album is called Misery Is A Butterfly" and is a must own, no questions asked.

TV On the Radio is also coming out (licensed from Touch & Go). I haven't heard anything from them as I write this, but their album is out in the US and looks mighty promising.

All this plus a new and improved Pixies best of/Concert DVD to commemorate their reunion.
may 2003   Almost a full year after my last update of this site and a lot has happened in both the real world and 4ad's world. On the personnal front, I was out of work for a while and am now working as a graphic artists at Duplica right here in Montreal. It's good work but very tiring at times.

I also moved into a new appartment with my wonderful girlfriend Sophie. Finally, I had my first taste of fatherhood, when on feb. 9th, our little Thomas was born. He has kept me occupied since then. Thankfully, he loves music and is quite fond of TWP. ;-)

I'm planning of adding more stuff, but for now, the catalog section is up to date.

july/aug./sept. 2002   Two new signings will have there debut soon. Around september, there's Sybarite's debut album "Nonument". This will be preceded with a 7" only single (AD 2206). 4AD's other new band, The Mountain Goats, will bring out their album "Tallahasee" later this year. The band have also release material on other labels, but their 4AD stuff promises to be quite special. Can't wait.

For the curious-minded, check out their remix of Piano Magic's "Dutch Housing" available on the limited edition Piano Magic 12" "Writers Remixed".

There's a new His Name Is Alive album coming up, which like the previous album, will be preceded by a 12" of remixes. Check out for them.

Neil Halstead has a single out for very soon (june) and it's a remix of "Seasons", a track from his debut solo CD. The single is to feature 4 more tracks, including two remixes and two brand new tracks.

jun. 2002   A big thanks to Philippe Jugé for some additions in the Guernica section. Merci Philippe!

2002   4AD will release a VHS of Lakuna's excellent videos. It will be mail order only. Look for more details soon.

may/june 2002   It's been a quiet year so far, but there's a lot of new stuff coming up. First, there's the new Breeders album "Title TK". That's right, Kim and friend are back after 9 years with a new and grand album. A must for any music fanatic. There's also a limited edition 10" single with tracks from the album available from 4ad Mail oreder.

Also out (or should be any day) is the newest in 4ad's "best of" series. This time, it's Belly's turn with the retrospective CD: "Sweet Ride the best of Belly". To those who fell in love with Tanya's recent solo work, this is the perfect introduction to her former band.
february 2002   If, like me, you were happy to see her back can breathe easier now. Tanya Donnely's album "Beautysleep" is out and it's a must.
january 2002   Two new albums to warm us over from the chilly climate. Neil Halstead is proving that he is more than what was previously believed. Those lucky enough to catch the promo for this album will already be salivating like mad puppies. The rest can grap those napkins now! "Sleeping On Roads" is released January 28.

november 2001   We wanted it, we got it. A massive undertaking, the Dead Can Dance box set is a three CD's and a DVD affair full of musical wonders. Features unreleased and rare materials. DVD feature all their videos plus the "Towards the Within" film by Mark Magidson.

november 2001   Something to rejoice- A new single by Tanya Donelly. This one's called: "Sleepwalk" (BAD 2108 CD) and features four new songs, including the amazing "The Storm".

november 2001   We wanted it, we got it. A massive undertaking, the Dead Can Dance box set is a three CD's and a DVD affair full of musical wonders. Features unreleased and rare materials. DVD feature all their videos plus the "Towards the Within" film by Mark Magidson.

november 2001   Something to rejoice- A new single by Tanya Donelly. This one's called: "Sleepwalk" (BAD 2108 CD) and features four new songs, including the amazing "The Storm".

september 2001   After Modern English, Cocteau Twins, Heidi Berry, Lush and Pixies, it's now time for two of 4AD's "classic" bands to get their own retrospectives. "Everything Is Beautiful (A Retrospective 1983-1995)" GAD 2104 CD by The Wolfgang Press and "Best of 82/87" GAD 2107 CD by Colourbox are excellent introduction to these classic 4AD bands. Featuring rare and non-album tracks, they are both available now. (The Colourbox one is released on Oct. 1st in the UK) The only bad new, is that neither contains very hard to get or vinyl only tracks like "Scratch" and "Twister" for TWP or "Tarantula"and "Shadows In the Room", as well as the missing tracks from MAD 509! for CBOX

september 2001   Vinyl promos for HNIA featuring remixes of "Write My Name In the Groove" and two more songs and Colourbox's "Best of 82/87" can be bought from the 4AD online shop.

august 6, 2001   4AD's new signing, Piano Magic, have released thier first record for the label. It's the soundtrack to a spanish movie by Bigas Lunas called "Son De Mar"
4AD Cat. No. MAD 2105 CD

july 2001   The new His Name Is Alive album "Someday My Blues Will Cover the Earth" is released on july 9th.
4AD Cat. No. CAD 2101 CD

april 2001   Not one, but two new His Name is Alive 12" promos can be bought from the 4AD store! First one "Nothing Special"/ "Happy Blues" (HNIA 5) features remixes by Burt Friedmann and Hermann & Kleine. The second 12" "One Year" (HNIA 6) with remixes by Susumu Yokota, Minotaur Shock and Four Tet.

mar. 12, 2001   Kristin Hersh has a new and wonderful album out. "Sunny Border Blue" is Kristin's best so far. A strong release. Available in both a standard jewel case and a limited edition of 5,000 copies features slipcase art and freestanding display cards created by ex-muse drummer David Narcizo (now of Lakuna). 500 copies of the limited edition released domestically in Canada

mar. 5, 2001   PIXIES : Complete "B" Sides. GAD 2103 CD. Includes music videos for "Here Comes Your Man" and "Allison". Not released in the US. 'Nuff said!
feb. 2001   Compilations galore from Modern English, Heidi Berry, Lush and Cocteau Twins. All available through 4AD Mail Order.

jan. 2001   From Jo at 4AD: New stuff happening this year - well, there's a lot going on, but a lot of it wont see the light till March at the earliest (I'd imagine) - there's a new Kristin Hersh album that I've been mentioning for ages, which will be on standard cd and limited cd, there's the Pixies B-sides album with additional videos, the three Best Of's (likely to be made available through Mail Order early, for all 4ad Subscribers on here, the Lush one is due any day now, so I will start on the Best Of's/Visceral Pleasures subscription as soon as this does).
Thanks, Jo.

nov. 27, 2000   4AD's official last release of the year: Thievery Corporation's Sound File 002: "Shadows of Ourselves" is out november 27.

nov. 06, 2000   Magnétophone, 4AD's new singing have their first alum out and it's titled "I Guess Sometimes I Need To Be Reminded Of How Much You Love Me" (CAD 2K10 (CD).

oct. 16, 2000   The Cocteau Twins' compilation "Stars and Topsoil" featuring single and album tracks (no rareties) is out now. A reasonably good introduction to one of 4AD's top acts. Sleeve by v23.

sep. 25, 2000   "Return to Sender", MOJAVE 3's third single from their beautiful album is out September 25.

sep. 11, 2000   4ad's new signing: MAGNETOPHONE have released an EP called "Come On the Phone".

aug. 29, 2000   Thievery Corporation's "The Mirror Conspiracy" cat. no. CAD 2K06 (CD) is now available.

july 10, 2000   A new Thievery Corporation limited 10" single (TAD 2K09) can be bought from 4AD Mail Order. It features two brand new tracks "Focus On Sight" and "Barrio Alto".

may 15, 2000 (UK)   MOJAVE 3's third album "Excuses For Travellers" (CAD 2K05 (CD)) is out!

It features: "In Love With A View", "Trying To Reach You", "My Life In Art Return To Sender", "When You're Drifting", "Any Day Will Be Fine", "She Broke You So Softly", "Prayer For The Paranoid" (Acoustic Version), "Bringin' Me Home", "Got My Sunshine".

may 01, 2000 (UK)   MOJAVE 3's second single this year is "Any Day Will Be Fine" and it features: "Any Day Will Be Fine". The 7" has one b-side called "Always Right" and the CD has 2, "Always Right" and "Crazy Koz".

april 24, 2000 (UK)   "GUS GUS Vs T World" (CAD 2K02 (CD)) is a predominately instrumental collection of dancefloor-oriented material. It features seven tracks: "Anthem ", , "Northern Lights", "Earl Grey", "Purple", "Rosenberg", "Sleepytime", "Esja". Also available as a vinyl doublepack.
april 10, 2000 (UK)   Kristin Hersh e.p. "A Cleaner Light" (BAD 2K01 CD) features specially-recorded acoustic versions of Throwing Muses favourites. Tracklisting: "A Cleaner Light", "Cry Baby Cry", "Garoux Des Larmes" and "Hate My Way ". Available on CD only.

april 03, 2000   Mojave's first release of 2000: "In Love With A View" (TAD 2K03), will be released as a 7" only single on April 3rd. As with all TAD-prefixed releases will not be re-pressed, so you only have one chance to hear the b-side, "Prayer For The Paranoid (Electric Version)".
feb. 12, 2000   Here is a message from Peter Fleming of the now defunct band Scheer: "Just to let you know that I now run & own a record label and one of my current projects is the release of the Scheer 2nd album. Even though the band is split I licensed the rights from 4AD. I have already released it to the fan club (5,000 members)& on the net & set to release it in UK, parts of Europe on 31st March. USA is due in April/May."

Now if you are like me and were a fan of scheer, check it out on schism records's official site.
feb. 09, 2000   Simon Larbalestier, the photographer we all know and love is selling a large collection of sale prints from $50 USD of Pixies', Redhouse Painters' "Bed" and Heidi Berry's "Flytrap". Head over to his web site for more details.
nov. 15, '99   Lakuna have a new green sleeved 12" out before XMas featuring "Lemongrass", "Schizoid Man remix", "The Very Next Day" and "Grantby remix".
nov. 01, '99   "Breakdown", new 4ad canadian retail compilation
nov. 01, '99   Cuba's new CD single is Starshine; it features 1. "Starshine" (edit), 2. "White Shadow" 3. "Starshine" (Rae & Christian Mix) - will not be released in the UK, but is available from Mail Order.
oct. '99   Brendan Perry: "EYE OF THE HUNTER". Debut solo album by ex-Dead Can Dance crooner.
sep. 25, '99   I've added a new "Artists" section where you can browse the 4ad catalogue in alphabetical order. You can check it now, but I'm still not finished compiling everything.
sep. 13, '99   Fans of Lush's work might be interrested in the following news: The "Splendor" soundtrack which was released in the USA on september 14 features a brand new mix of Lush's "Sweetness and Light" by none other than Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine)you can hear it in RA on Astralwerks site.