Debra's Quiz

Who was the first WCW Cruiser weight champion?

Shinjiro Ohtani
Dean Malenko
Rey Mysterio jr
Ultimo Dragon

John Tenta never was?

The shark

Who was the Undertakers First Manager?

Paul Bearer
Brother Love
Million Dollar Man
None, he didn't have one

What is the real name of DDP?

Donald Page
Page Falkinburg
David Page
Peter Polaco

How many times Owen Hart won the WWF Tag team title belt?


The Rock was also personifized by

Don Muraco
Herman Rohde
James Reiher
Jim Janos

The "Boxing Match" at WrestleMania 2 opposed Mr.T VS ...?

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper
Hulk Hogan
George "The Animal" Steele
Randy Savage

At Hardcore Heaven 97, the triple treath match was Sabu VS Shane Douglas VS..?

Tommy Dreamer
Rob Van Dam
Al Snow
Terry Funk

What was the name of the Harlem Heat befor they entered wcw?

The New York brawlers
Strike Force
The ebony experience
The Skyscrapers

Who is it today?

The Sandman
Don Muraco
Steve Austin
It's not a wrestler