Presentation 9/10
The FMV intro is wonderful. It's a little bafflling with the menus at the beginning because
of the great number of options, but then that goes. 

Graphics 8.5/10
The graphics look like those in warzone, but texture is better as well as the details. 

Gameplay 9.5/10
The fights look like in warzone but it's a bit more ecxiting. The computer is more intelligent.
In hardcore match they use the weapons more often. There a lot of options, modes and the
CAW have A LOT of stuff.

Control 8/10
The control are a bit better then in warzone,for example, when there is 3 other wrestlers 
with you in the ring, you can press a button to choose who you want to fight. 

Sound 8/10
The sound is very good when you fight and the crowd is alive except in the entrances. The 
musics is superb and the werstlers says several things. But I don't really like the annoncer.
There are not talking when the wrestlers come into the ring either when they win.

Final score 8.6/10
This game is definitively an incroyable wrestling games. It will take you a lot of time to 
explore all the options of this game. Perhaps it misses a little action during the fights 
but if you change the options of the match it is a little more exciting.