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  Teacher Resource Links
Canada's SchoolNet- This site focuses on bringing educators and students together to share educational resources, enhance learning, develop information technology skills, and encourage the use of technology in the classroom.

Children, Families and Youth- As a part of the Canadian Social Research Links, this site contains all sorts of useful information pertaining to children and government legislature. By the way, this is my Dad's creation (so make sure to take a look at the picture at the top of the page).

Childfun- This site has a multitude of areas to visit including a fantastic curriculum section. This section includes preschool activities, kids crafts, daycare themes, child care lessons, curriculum planning, fingerplays, songs, and more! A special thanks to Rosemary for having brought this site to my attention.

Classroom Connect- This site has everything! A search engine to the best educational sites on the web, products to help you bring the net into your classroom, a directory of online schools, a resource station of online materials for educators and finally, a search engine to help you find other online educators. Now that's a site!

Education World- A beautiful site that includes today's hot educational topics, lesson planning, lists of online schools and more.

E.R.I.C Database- ERIC is the "Educational Resources Information Centre" (ERIC), a federally-funded national information system that provides a broad range of education-related issues to teachers, librarians, counsellors, administrators, parents, and others throughout the World. This particular ERIC site is out of the University of Syracuse.

Exworthy Educational Links- A great site containing links to a multitude of educational sites. The sites vary from tech integration to basic lesson plans.

I Am Your Child- A must visit site for any Early Childhood Educator. Here you will find information about early childhood development and about all sorts of other resources for parents, care-givers and teachers. There is so much information on this site that it is impossible to try and do it justice in this brief intro. Please visit it; if not for you, for your students' parents.

Le grand monde du préscolaire- Ce site vise à soutenir les intervenants dans le choix des moyens à privilégier pour offrir à l'enfant un milieu d'apprentissage stimulant : ressources didactiques commentées, scénarios d'intégration, situations d'apprentissage, activités, guide d'intégration des TIC, etc. Un grand nombre de ces contenus sont susceptibles d'intéresser également les parents.

Ministère de L'Éducation du Québec- The M.E.Q.'s official bilingual homepage. Here you will find the most recent educational news, statistics, legislation, publications, and ministry information. A must visit for all pre-service and in-service teachers.

Rescol Canadien- Le site Web de Rescol met à la disposition des enseignantes et enseignants et des apprenantes et apprenants une foule de ressources et de services d'avant-garde, primés dans le domaine de l'enseignement, et leur permet ainsi d'accéder directement à l'autoroute de l'information.

School.Net- Like its canadian cousin, this site contains all sorts of useful information for teachers. They include lesson ideas, an educational news section, a teacher's webforum and a free newsletter.

Teachnet.Com- Teachnet.Com can help you find a school anywhere in the world, browsing by location such as country, state and city. It also has links to more than 4,000 K-12 school webs, school districts, and educational organizations. Finally, this site gives you the possibility to read and subscribe to more than 100 forums for discussions and announcements.

Teachers.Net- A nice site that combines a bit of everything. Here you'll find lesson plans for grades pre-school and up, a teacher chat room, a teacher message board and a job centre to help you find a teaching job in the States or overseas.

The Teacher-ZoneThe Teacher-Zone is a collection of lesson plans, resources and more. They aim not to be the biggest, but the best collection of resources for educators and future educators... And they are doing a pretty good job of it!

Office of Special Education

PDOnline- TV Ontario's online professional development site for teachers. Both in-service and pre-service teachers will find valuable information on this site. Resources include practical ideas for teaching and learning, lesson guides for both elementary and secondary classrooms, pages for those who work directly in school administration, a discussion area and the TVO online journalling exercise. This is a fantastic site!

Québec English Schools Network- Projects both quick and more involved for you to use in the classroom and beyond. You'll also find tips and advice on using the Internet in the classroom, good homepaging and more. Looking for information about a particular discipline? Find information on specific subjects like Mathematics and Science. Using Technology for Learning: A Planning Guide, Professional development and pedagogical innovation grants, Partnership for School Improvement. Searchable Contact Listings, E-mail mailing lists (listservs), School homepages & how to get in touch with us. This is a must visit site for all pre-service teachers, especially if you go to Concordia. Find your way to the QESN Connections- Training Wheels section.

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