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Interview With DIABOLIC

By Stéphane Bélanger

The Florida area has always given birth to countless bands that have specialized in the business of playing brutal Metal. DIABOLIC is one of the finest new comers and here is an interview that I had with them in January... Read on!

—>You guys have been together since 1997, right?<—

—>Were you in any other bands before that or is DIABOLIC your first band??<—
"Bands that no longer exist or that don't matter get no attention. DIABOLIC is the only band that matters to us."

—>How did you guys come together in the first place?<—
"Demonic blasphemous unholy powers brought us together to create the outmost dynamic sounding music on the planet!!"

—>And what type of formation do you have as musicians?<—
"Attack formation is the only formation!!!"

—>Death Metal is the only genre of Metal that you've been playing?<—


—>The "City Of The Dead" demo also came out in 1997. How long did it take for you guys to put this material together? Was some of the material already written when you came together?<—
"Yes, some of the material was written but we did not have a drummers input. We arranged the ideas and structured the songs logically. No song should be too long or too short."

—>Did it come out on CD right away or was it re-edited on CD afterwards by Fadeless Records?<—
"First, we released 'City Of The Dead' as a three songs demo back in August 1997 (two thousand five hundred copies sent out to date). One thousand five hundred free promotional were sent. We did put it out on a CD-ROM for a ten copies limited edition. Then we were approached by Fadeless Records but they wanted more songs. So we pulled out 'Encarta' and 'Inborn', two more songs that we had but did not release. I sat down, cut out and arranged the inlay with all the pictures and reviews we collected."

—>Was it a good deal?<—
"It was a fair deal for us. We need the exposure."

—>How did it do, sales-wise?<—
"As a three songs demo, we sold enough demos to keep the mail going out to starving neckbrake blasphemous Speed/Death Metal die hard fans, mags and radio stations worldwide. Back then, sales did not matter to us. Last week, Fadeless has reported over seven hundred CDs were sold and they released it in october 1999."

—>It seems like it was very well received by the fans and the industry alike... Some even called it "one of the best Death Metal demo ever", a statement which I do agree with...<—
"Thank you!"

—>Was it this demo that got you signed to Conquest Music?<—
Supreme Evil "Actually, it was the write up in Metal Maniacs magazine that got us signed, from the April 1998 issue; Firing squad column."

—>How do you guys go about writing new material? Is it a team work or does it dwell on the shoulders of a few in the band to write and arrange your material?<—
"Team work works best!"

—>What about your lyrics? Where do you find the inspiration and ideas when it comes to write lyrics? Is it in your everyday life or will you find the ideas in books or other stuff?<—
"We get our ideas from everywhere..."

—>Then you released your debut on Conquest. Are you satisfied with the end result or were there some things that you are not totally satisfied with? I read some reviews where some say that your demo was a bit better than the album... What's your opinion on this?<—
"I've read a review from this zine that liked the demo more than the 'Supreme Evil' CD because we cross Black Metal with Death Metal. I really don't care for those reviews because he's basically saying we did not get better when clearly, we did! That review was aimed against Black Metal. There are die hard Death Metal people that hate Black Metal and die hard Black Metal people who hate Death Metal. I hate weak Black Metal and I hate weak Death Metal. I remember that in the early 80's, when VENOM ruled Black Metal with power and force! Now Black Metal has this weak cold production that is copied from the first BATHORY productions... Black Metal was SLAYER, SODOM, BATHORY, VENOM, DESTRUCTION and POSSESSED... We are here to reignite the two dynamic forces, like it or not!!! I could understand if the songs and production got weaker but they got stronger. Sounds Of Death magazine gave us nine skulls for the demo, but ten fucking skulls for the 'Supreme Evil' CD! Anyone with a good stereo and a brain will tell you that the demo is classic but the CD just takes us to another level altogether!"

—>And what's the deal with Conquest? Do they do a good job promoting you guys?<—
"They're doing the best they can. We have a good working relationship with Conquest. Our deal with them is for three records."


—>What about the Live aspect of promoting the band? Have you guys toured to support the release of "Supreme Evil"?<—
"We played the Milwaukee Metal Fest 1998, the New England Metal Fest 1999, we did four dates with MORBID ANGEL, including the first annual Texas Metal Fest. We are now preparing for the North-American Death Metal Massacre 2000 tour with CANNIBAL CORPSE, GOD DETHRONE and HATE ETERNAL, starting on February 2nd 2000."

—>Do you think that you'll be playing in Montréal in the near future?<—
"The closest we're playing to Montréal is in Buffalo on February 10, 2000 at Show Place Theater."

—>What were some of the best bands you saw on stage during the 90's? And what would be some of DIABOLIC's best gigs in the 90's?<—
"SLAYER and MORBID ANGEL... The best gigs we did were with MORBID ANGEL, so far."

—>What are some of the qualities you guys look for in music when you're writing new material?<—
"It depends on what mood we are in... I listen for new and different sounds to add to our sound, keeping the music sounding evil before the lyrics are written. I think that musical structures are very important in all music!"

—>So then, what are your best albums of the 90's?<—
"SLAYER's 'Diabolus In Musica', MORBID ANGEL's 'Formulas Fatal To The Flesh', KRISIUN's 'Apocalyptic Revelation' and ANGEL CORPSE's 'The Inexorable'..."

—>Do you enjoy any Canadian bands?<—
"VOÏVOD are gods!!! The drummer Away is one of my biggest influences!"

—>What kind of crowds can you draw in a show?<—
"We normally draw more or less three hundred people to the shows we play here in Tampa."


—>Who would you say is the most promising young band to come out from your area?<—

—>What are your plans now for the future?<—
"Quit our jobs and tour the world!"

—>Are you guys already working on some new material? What can we expect from the new material? And when do you think the next album should come out?<—
"Our follow up to 'Supreme Evil' will be entitled 'Subterrianeal Magnitudes'. All the songs are titled and complete! The new material is more straight forward. Ed Wedd, our bassist, has taken over the vocals. He's strong and keeps in good health for the job. We hope to return to the studio after our North-American tour with CANNIBAL CORPSE."

—>Does anyone in the band play in any other side projects?<—
"No but we did four cover tunes; a DESTRUCTION song —> 'The Ritual'; a KREATOR cut —> 'Under The Guillotine', a VENOM tune —> 'Buried Alive', all for Dwell Records and a POSSESSED track —> 'No Will To Live', for Immortal Records."

—>Ok man, I'll stop bothering you right here! Thanks for your time. Do you have any closing comments?<—
"Thanks for the interview! I hope to see you on tour! Cheers!!"

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