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Interview With DISGORGE

by Rémi Côté

—>Tell us about your origins... Present the band...<—
"Well... The band begins at the end of the '93. In that time, we played something like Death Metal in the old vein, à la GRAVE, MACABRE END, DISMEMBER... Our objective was to make a mixture of brutal Death and Grind! We crossed the way that all bands follow to find their own style and to define our sound. Our first work for promotion was a rehearsal with six tracks in 1994!! So the butchers, since that time, are: Antimo—> oxidised bulldozer and vokills, Edgar—> pyosisified axe grinder and Guillermo—> skullcrusher."

—>We hear from you guys A LOT in the scene... Why are you guys so popular?! You must be doing a lot of promotion...<—
"Wow! That is very good, really. We have tried to cover the all of the underground. We have worked arduously in promoting our material. We are always contacting magazines, zines, bands, radio shows... All those who can to diffuse the name of DISGORGE! We also cooperate directly with our label for distribution of the CD. I believe that ourselves alone have distributed more than six hundred disks. We are really very happy that the people believe that we are popular in the underground. I believe that one of the objectives is complete! I hope so..."

—>Please, tell us how you can write such extreme music and not end up in a psychiatric hospital or something!!!<—
"Hehe. That's what you believe.  ;-))  good! We've been totally into Metal since a long time ago!!! So I believe that creating this music is the result of our influences. We grew up listening to extreme music. We also believe that Metal should be this way; Aggressive!!! Metal in fact needs to be direct and without pity! That makes it come from the heart. It is not anything predisposed, we feel it this way. It is the music that we like to make and to play!!!"

—>Is it the basic direction of the band: "Lets kill everything by audio torture"?!<—
"That it is an objective, yeah! But not the primordial objective. First of all comes our music. That's top for us. It isn't made to give pleasure to somebody else... If people like it, great!!! But we must like it first. Then let us destroy everything with the DISGORGE shit!"

—>You have a new album out... Tell us about it; are you satisfied with it?<—
"Not even!!! The new CD will be released very soon! It's ready now and all recorded... The cover, the artwork, etc. The only hope is that it gets released. We are satisfied with our work in the recording. We just think that it could improve. In Mexico, there are many deficiencies in the studies of sound. There's even a lack of infrastructure and some with the technology. But in spite of this, we like the final result. It will be more destructive and crushing than the first one... Wait until you hear it!"

—>Are you pleased with the treatment from your label? Was it for this release only?<—
"Our previous company lacked a lot on the side of promotion. We did not really obtain the necessary diffusion. If they had invested more in publicity, it would have sold better, even the disk (at this time, we go for the four thousandth CDs sold. We await for the re-edition too). We're signed to American Line for this CD only. The next one will be for another label."

—>Tell us a bit about your past recordings... Anything still available?<—
"Our previous recordings were:

  • In 1994: 6 tracks rehearsal; homemade recording...
  • In 1995: "Through The Innards"; our first official demo...
  • In 1996: Demo #2...
  • In 1997: "Chronic Corpora Infest"; our first CD...
  • In 1998: split-EP with SQUASH BOWELS; 7"...
  • and now "Forensick"; our second CD (soon available)
It will only be available on CCI CD and perhaps with the 7" since it is sold-out. Perhaps our first demo will be re-released with some Live tracks for a Mexican label. It's not sure yet."

—>Are all Mexican bands as crazy as you guys?! How's the scene over there nowadays? Any unsigned bands worth mentioning?<—
"No, really. In mexico, there are very few bands inside of Grind/Death scene. Most of 'em play more melodic styles that are different to ours. Into the European vein... With this, I don't mean that bands don't exist. On the contrary... There are excellent bands that are doing their thing very well. They are of quality! They are not copies from other bands of the world. Many have defined style and with force! The best Mexican bands are signed by Oz Productions (Mexico). CLEARING EXISTS is another one that's not even signed, but I don't doubt that soon somebody will sign them. The most advisable of Mexican bands are CENOTAPH, SHAMASH, THE CHASM, DIES IRAE, PROHIBITORY, DOMAIN, to mention a few. People also begin to go into more of the underground concerts and stuff. We get good audience and acceptance. We hope it will continue growing!"

—>Are you guys playing a lot Live? Any touring coming up? Shows outside Mexico perhaps?<—
"Yeah! This year we've made four tours. Three inside Mexico and one for Central-America. We are one of the most activate bands here in Mexico! (fortunately!). Apparently, we will get on a new tour in February 2000 along with three more bands. We'll tour all over Mexico. We hope we'll be able to give shows in the United-States in this incoming year. We plan on being in two or three festivals. We hope this becomes fact. We have enough good proposals to travel to North-America!"

—>We are noticing a new buzz surrounding Extreme Metal/Grind... What are your thoughts about it?<—
"Where is this? I want to listen to it now!"

—>You guys would be very popular around here... Any cool feedbacks from the Québec/Canada scenes? Your album is not available here... Are you working on a distribution for Canada?<—
"Good. We know that on the Canadian side exists a good Metal scene. For a long time, we have known that the scene is big there. Canada has contributed with very good Metal band in the world! About the distribution, really didn't know if somebody existed to distribute our our stuff there. We think that on the company's side, there was somebody from Canada. But now that we know it, I believe that we will look for the distribution in a more formal way with somebody interested."

—>Do you like any bands from here?<—
"Of course! GORGUTS, CRYPTOPSY... Big influences for us! I don't know if GORELUST still exists..? We also like other Canadian bands like FLESHFEAST, INFERNÄL MÄJESTY, old SLAUGHTER, old VOÏVOD, KATAKLYSM and many more. These are those that I remember at this time."

—>What do you think the year 2000 will bring to us all?<—
"It offered us only METAL! Brutality and gore! The return of the true underground is to come. We already see it!"

—>So now, what is cooking for DISGORGE? When can we expect a new release?<—
"DISGORGE cooks something of the more extreme matter, something never heard by humanity before! Direct from the bowel of the sick. The total denigration of the human anatomy... Putrid nauseating Grind Death Gore fuckin' Metal!!! 'Forensick' will be unchained in the first months of 2000 through Repulse Records. Ten new tracks of auditive holocaust! All made with our visceras for the world!"

—>Cool man! Thanks Edgar! Anything you'd like to add?<—
"First of all, thank you Rémi for the interview and your support. To people in Canada; watch out for the new material! We hope to see you on tour in Canada! THE TRUE DISGORGE IS HERE! MEXICAN GORE METAL ASSAULT!!! Greetings to CRYPTOPSY and GORGUTS! You guys rule!"


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