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Interview With MOTÖRHEAD

By Arto Lehtinen

Phil Campbell, Mikkey Dee and of course the legend himself Lemmy Kilminster, from MOTÖRHEAD were interviewed separately on the same "Monsters Of The Millenium" tour as DIO and MANOWAR and here is the result what we chatted with MOTÖRHEAD...

—>How has it been so far?<—
Mickey: "We've done only two shows so far but it's been good. There could have been a little more people in Turku, I think. Oulu was good and Turku was good, but maybe a lot of people decided drive over here to Helsinki to see the show."


—>Do you like this tour better than the one from last summer, when you were playing in the afternoon in a Festival?<—
Mickey: "It was weird to go on at 3 o'clock."
Lemmy: "Yeah, it was too fucking early! That's what it was..."
Mickey: "But we realized after a while why we were playing at 3 o'clock. When we left the place at seven, there was barely anyone standing up anymore, you know what I mean... But it was a good festival."

—>Do you drink a lot on tour?<—
Lemmy: "All the time!"
Mickey: "We can barely sit straight today..."

—>And that doesn't affect you that much?<—
Lemmy: "Yeah! I guess it makes you drunk!" - Laughters

—>Have you had any problems with that ever?<—
Lemmy: "No. I always manage to get a hold of the bottle."

—>Why do you think MOTÖRHEAD is still here while all those other bands seem to vanish?<—
Lemmy: "Because we didn't give up!"

—>Do you mind if this crowd is here more for MANOWAR than for you?<—
Lemmy: "These people like Rock'n'Roll, you know, and it's okay!"
Mickey: "Most of 'em might be here to see us!"

—>I heard that you have already fired your road crew!<—
Mickey: "The three guitar roadies... Terrible!"


—>You've also fired your soundman...<—
Mickey: "The monitor guy."
Lemmy: "We went through five of them last year, in three week.."
Phil: "Seven I believe!"
Mickey: "Seven in nine days!" - Laughters
Lemmy: "They were no good. One guy said the worst experience he ever had on stage was BOY GEORGE."
Phil: "Two days later, he was gone. He left a note on the monitor desk saying 'I quit!'..." - laughters!

—>So it's back on the road after Helsinki...<—
Lemmy: "Yeah, we've got one more show in Holland."
Mickey: "Then we do two shows in London, then Sofia, Bulgaria and that's it, we're done."

—>For how long have you been on the road?<—
Lemmy: "Two months..."
Mickey: "Longer... Almost ten weeks now. Six weeks in the US then we've been in Europe for five weeks so far."

—>Would you say that the 90's have been a bit pale after the 70's and their bands with character?<—
Lemmy: "Well, the good old days are always the good old days, you know. I remember how much we would be bitching in the 80's about the 80's. Everybody bitches about the right now... But I don't see any problems with Rock'n'Roll. Everybody said it's dead..."
Mickey: "The only problem with the 90's I think is that the business got involved a bit more than it's ever been in the 80's or 70's. All these bands are being created by the companies, that's the problem."
Lemmy: "They're like a bunch of little monkeys!"

—>But the companies are dealing with a lot more money though...<—
Mickey: "Yes, but you know, it's being very controlled during the 90's... More controled than any other decade, I'd say. Even if they haven't created the band, record companies, MTV, all the fucking medias... You guys... Have more power... Or you think you have power on a lot of bands. I'm not kidding, we meet journalists who are worst than the worst Rock star you ever met in your life. They can fuck off! And then, there's MTV! Look how fucking shitty they are! Now suddenly because VH1 is playing heavy again, or for the first time ever, they're going back and started this Monsters Of Rock Week-end and started kiss ass again because everybody is moving from MTV to VH1, you know! So they can FUCK RIGHT OFF!!!"
Lemmy: "But MTV owns VH1 anyway..."

—>So to sum it up, in the 90's, we have worst journalists and worst bands...<—
Lemmy: "No, I think the bands are a bit better than the journalists."


—>Do you consider that there is too much nostalgia in the business nowadays?<—
Lemmy: "Yeah, maybe... The retro movement... There's a good deal too much of neuralgia. Well actually, I just did a nostalgia album myself. Me and Slim Jim from the STRAY CATS just did some old Rock'n'Roll songs."

—>Remember what you said many years ago, that if you maintained this life-style, you wouldn't reach 30 years old... But you still seem to be in pretty good shape. What's the secret behind your good health?<—
Lemmy: "Excess! Don't stop doing anything 'cause that's when it kills you!" - Laughters!

—>How do you take care of your singing voice? Do you ever have problems with your voice? Do you loose your voice?<—
Lemmy: "No. I loosed my marbles." - laughters
Phil: "He can't loose what he never had!"
Lemmy: "Oh that's good coming from you!" - More laughters
Mickey: "Just like Ronnie Dio! He doesn't do shit to his voice either... He doesn't warm up, he doesn't do anything. He just goes out and sing. With the power he's got, that's very unusual too!"

—>Is it true you never do any rehearsing before the tour?<—
Lemmy: "As little as possible. We don't like rehearsing!"
Mickey: "Now we just came straight from US into this, so we didn't really need any rehearsal. But sure, if we have a break, we play a little together."
Phil: "We'll try to do about twenty minutes once we're in London."
Lemmy: "We did a twenty minutes rehearsal before we played in Australia."
Phil: "No, the British tour..."
Lemmy: "No, it was Australia..."
Mickey: "Twenty minutes... Three songs... It sounded alright!"

—>Do you have any special songs that you do during the soundcheck?<—
Lemmy: "We didn't do a soundcheck."
Mickey: "We do some covers sometimes... THIN LAZY or ROLLING STONES, whatever... We get fed up to play the same songs, so..."

—>I've heard that MANOWAR told you to put down your volume because they wanted to be the loudest band...<—
Ace Of Spades Lemmy: "No, that's not true."
Phil: "We have the same P.A. here. We really don't give a shit how loud we are."
Mickey: "We don't try to be the loudest band in the world. We just like to play really loud!"
Lemmy: "I mean, we can't compete really because we don't have any samples."

—>What about the new MOTÖRHEAD album?<—
Mickey: "What about it?" - Laughters "It's almost finished. We still have some bass and vocals to put on... Some more guitars but that's it."
Phil: "I'd say it's about 70% done."
Mickey: "We might decide to tear it all apart again... Hopefully, it will be out at the latest by May, maybe...?"
Lemmy: "It might be August..."
Mickey: "It may not come out at all!" - laughters
Lemmy: "It could be a bunch of covers!"
Phil: "We could do an old album as a new album..."
Lemmy: "Yeah, we could re-record..."


—>A tribute to yourself?<—
Lemmy: "Yeah, it might make more money!" - laughters
Mickey: "Maybe we could just do MANOWAR songs!"

—>Tell us of a funny thing that happened to you...<—
Lemmy: "I remember when we got deported from Finland, the last time we played the Punkalaidun... They put us on this plane. The captain came to us and said: 'I know about you guys! Any trouble from you and I'll have the police waiting for you.' So we got to England and there were all these cops waiting. I thought 'Oh shit, he's going to have us arrested!' But they arrested him! He was drunk flying the plane! - laughters - poetic justice, you see! Sometimes it works. That was one of the funniest fucking thing that ever happened to me."

—>What's your favorite motorcycle?<—
Lemmy: "I don't have a motorcycle. The last time I had a motorcycle was when I was sixteen. It's long gone..."

—>How many bass do you have on the road?<—
Lemmy: "Well, I have seven all together... I've got three on the road."

Here comes the call for the end of the interview. Thanks guys! You rule!


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