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Interview With NOMAD

By Rémi Côté

—>Ok man, you guys are still pretty unknown around here so please present yourself and give me a short story of the band...<—
"Hi! I'm Bleyzabel, vocalist of NOMAD. The band was founded in 1994. Until now, we've released three items: The 'Disorder' demo, which was recorded in February 1996; 'The Tail Of Substance' cassette, recorded in October 1997... That one was put out professionally by ourselves and printed for one thousand copies; the newest album 'The Devilish Whirl' was released through Polish Novum Vox Mortis. During our whole activity, there were many line-up changes. Our present line-up is as follows: myself on vocals, Herman on bass, Patrick on guitar, Nameless also on guitar and Rodzyn on drums."

—>I believe the band's name is really cool! Why exactly did you choose it?<—
"I also think it's very creative and fits almost every one of our inspired thoughts. The name itself was found by our ex-vocalist (I have to say here that we were creating music with two vocalists in first period of our existence). I don't remember exactly why we got called NOMAD but now I wouldn't change it."


—>I've heard that you guys have been playing around a lot in Poland...<—
"We've played a lot indeed and I remember these gigs very well. We played with almost every main band from the Polish underground, namely VADER, CHRIST AGONY, DEVILYN, LUX OCCULTA, HATE, DAMNABLE, DEMISE, REINFECTION, TRAUMA...

—>You basically got your deal after a tour organized by Novum Vox Mortis, right?<—
"We've signed the record deal and the label promised us to organize some tours. At this moment, it's hard to mention some dates. We'll devastate the Polish maniacs' minds for sure. I believe that we'll cross boundaries of Poland with our music, too!"

—>Are they treating you well? Is it for this one album only or for more than one album?<—
"We've signed a two records deal. There is no cause to complain. The album was out a few months ago, so it's too early to judge."

—>Tell us a bit about that crushing debut of yours; "The Devilish Whirl"... Satisfied with the end results?<—
"The music on the album is our interpretation of Death Metal. We're still looking for our own style and our own song arrangements. I think this album will satisfy every fan of brutal Metal. It's clear that the final effect satisfied us! We worked very hard because we wanted this album to have a hellish nomadic sound."

—>How is the reaction towards the album in Poland so far?<—
"Up until now, the reviews are positive and 'The Devilish Whirl' is receiving only good critics. We'll see if there will be more fans and if the audience at gigs will get bigger. So far, I haven't met any negative opinion about our album."

—>It sounds like a ton of bricks!!! Really heavy... What are you guys influenced by?<—
"Oh yes, now our sound is good and satisfying. I have to say that all the time while we were recording, it was different studio and engineer. We're inspired by almost every form of music but Metal is all we live on and take inspirations from."

—>What about your past releases? Anything still available?<—
"The 'Disorder' demo was the beginning of the band's activity and our first contact with a recording studio. We recorded it on an 8-tracker, so this stuff was destined for promotion only. We approached the recording of 'The Tail Of Substance' in a different way than the previous one. The tape includes solidly produced music and a professional lay-out. Total running time is forty-four minutes and it's still available (for only 5$) through our contact address."

—>I've been crossing the path of many bands from Poland lately and it seems like all the bands are good... What do you think of the scene in your country?<—
NOMAD "The Polish scene is really strong! Every band wants to present itself as well as possible. As for NOMAD, it's safe to say that the times of rehearsal tapes have passed. There are lots of independent small labels helping young bands. I think our underground market will be much more respected in the future."

—>Any unsigned bands worth mentioning?<—
"Believe me, there are lots of such bands! For example: DOGMA, SAGITTARIUS, ASKALON, OVERLORD, TRIVIAL THORN..."

—>What do you think of the underground at the moment, with all the trends, etc...? What's your opinion about Black Metal?<—
"Everything goes in the right direction, I think. Every kind of Metal should be reformed sooner or later... If not, we would still be stuck in the same schemes. Black Metal is a music that I like very much and is as needful as Death, Heavy or Thrash Metal."

—>For you, what was the best Metal album of 1999?<—
"I've got a few favorites who recorded their albums in 1999, such as NILE, DANZIG, LUX OCCULTA and SATYRICON. But my number one is MERCYFUL FATE with their mighty '9'."

—>What are you expecting from the new millenium?<—
"It's hard to say. The right time for defining ourselves sure has come. It's our world, so... Death to greedy priests! I very much wish that the human being would finally open its eyes! But first of all, open its mind!"

—>What's next for NOMAD? Any special plans?<—
"We'll try to play some gigs for sure, maybe some bigger tour will happen. We've slowly started to compose new stuff."

—>Thanks for taking the time man... Anything you'd like to add?<—
"I thank you too for the good questions and support. Warm greetings to all maniacs from Canada! I encourage you to become familiar with NOMAD and our new album 'The Devilish Whirl'. Don't let anybody to forbid you anything!!!"

NOMAD, P.O. Box 69, 26-300 Opoczno, Poland
Management/Burning Abyss 'zine, c/o Maciej Kaczorowski, Batorego 1/13, 26-300 Opoczno, Poland.


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