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By Stéphane Bélanger


Great White North Records is looking for bands to appear on a promotional compilation. Interested parties should get in touch with Rémi at gwnrec@videotron.ca... MARTYR's new album will be unleashed in March 2000... APHASIA is still looking for a new drummer. Get in touch with Stef at pouilleuxqc@videotron.ca... VOIVOD are now in Century Media, a live release "Voivod lives" is coming soon... DECAYED REMAINS is supposed to have unleashed its second album on March the 7th. The album title is "One Man's Fate" and would be released on the new Canadian label CDN (civilian death network). 9 songs are included and cover a wide range of musical styles. The album features a multiple vocals approach, deep and dark lyrics dealing with the darkest sides of the human mind... CRYPTOPSY continue writing the follow-up to "Whisper Supremacy". The band are expected to record in the late spring for a late summer release. Some new titles include "And Then It Passes" and "We Bleed". Vocalist Mike DiSalvo describes the new material as "even more extreme than anything we've ever done"... LESSER KNOWN has been hard at work writing and producing new material. Well the new Higher Levels EP was completed last weekend at Metal Works studios in Toronto with Nick Blagona (DEEP PURPLE, APRIL WINE, THE TEA PARTY) at the mastering helm. LESSER KNOWN also entered JLM studios in Merlin Ontario last week to record "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" by AC/DC and are scheduled to appear on the forthcoming AC/DC tribute CD from Dwell Records Los Angeles. Label rep Rex let LKE know that the previously completed WHITE ZOMBIE track "Black Sunshine" by LESSER KNOWN will tentatively be released sometime in April at best...


SNAPCASE Metal Blade has signed VOMITORY. They start recording their third album in summer and we look forward to release this one by the end of the year... After an insanely successful U.S. tour last fall, STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH are gearing up for round two. Set to wage another U.S. invasion, S.O.D. will begin their rampage March 10th as the headliners of the second annual March Metal Meltdown in Pennsauken, New Jersey. Four days later the band head to Houston, Texas before winding down in Anaheim, California on April 1st... Norway's lords of black metal SATYRICON are currently preparing to embark on their first EVER US tour to begin the end of March. After the last-minute cancellation of their near-headline appearance at the 13th Annual Milwaukee Metal Festival, Norway's black-metal overlords, SATYRICON, are finally set to ravage a venue near you! Set to embark on their first-ever U.S. tour. In other news, Satyr & Frost have been working on material for a road movie from their European tour and preparing the script for the video for the song "Filthgrinder" scheduled for summer at the earliest... THE KOVENANT took home the Norwegian Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock band the second year in a row... As you all know by now, guitar wizard Chuck Schuldiner successful life-saving brain surgery at NYU Medical Center in mid January. Chuck is currently home in Florida recuperating and gearing up for post-surgery treatments. Thanks to all for the persistent get-well messages, inquiries and general support. The positivity means so much to Chuck and the entire Schuldiner family. Trust funds have been set up in several countries to assistance the family's expenses. Official fund information is listed below. Any get well messages or donations may be sent c/o Jane Schuldiner or wired in Chuck's medical account. Stay tuned for more details on Chuck's recovery... Jane Schuldiner, 609 E Citrus Street, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701, U.S.A. Washington Mutual,500 E Altamonte Drive, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701, U.S.A. Chuck's Medical Account-351-653400-0, Wire- 321180748... SKYCLAD has recently been signed to Nuclear Blast... DESTRUCTION have returned from their Studio Recordings at the Abyss Studios with Top-Producer Peter Tattgren (Hypocrisy/ Dimmu Borgir). The long awaited comeback album All Hell Breaks Loose will hit US shores... CHILDREN OF BODOM have recorded two cover songs; one from The Scorpions and another one from King Diamond. These covers will be released only on tribute albums. A new CHILDREN OF BODOM album will be recorded this spring and released later this year. In the meantime, mastermind Alexi is currently in the studio working on the new SINERGY epic... BAL-SAGOTH - The long awaited fourth opus from the mighty BAL-SAGOTH has finally hit US shores (January 25th) featuring a sonic thunderdome intergalactic metal mayhem like never before heard. The Power Cosmic is a terrifying space opera of dark fantasy and sublime lunacy! And as though the terrifically brain draining odes of malevolence isn't enough to titillate your most twisted of fetish spots, a 100 copies are floating around bearing forth NOT the BAL-SAGOTH "Power Cosmic" cover art but that of BATHORY... THERION entered the German retail charts on Pos. 43, the Dutch on #15 and the Polish on #21 with their new album Deggial and STRATOVARIUS entered the Single Charts in Finland on Pos. 2... HAMMERFALL is set to enter the studio to create their third work of heavy metal mastery. The band will begin recording May 1st in Wireworld Studios in Nashville, TN with producer Michael Wagener (Metallica, Ozzy, Accept, Skid Row) . Says vocalist Joacim Cans of the band's new producer, "We want to prove how HammerFall will sound with a well-known producer. We really love the idea of working with Michael Wagener because of his producing efforts in the past. We think he is the right man for this job... IN FLAMES are currently adding the finishing touches to their next full length tentatively titled Safe Handling Instruction. Some of the song titles include: "Swim", "Square Nothing", "Suburban" Me, "As The Future Repeats Today", and "Brush The Dust Away"... IRON MAIDEN's first track and single from the forthcoming MAIDEN album is called 'Wicker Man'. The track will go to radio/rock clubs worldwide soon and will be released as a single in many countries in early May - UK release is currently scheduled for May 8. There will be a selection of B-sides recorded live on the Ed Hunter Tour last year... Cursed Productions is looking for bands for their upcoming compilation CD, "Underground & Undead Volume 2"... Metal Blade news: They will release on the 25th of April the debut album of MRS. HIPPIE entitled "Lotus". MRS. HIPPIE is a band from Sweden featuring Joacim Cans of HAMMERFALL on vocals and Mika of HARDCORE SUPERSTAR on drums. Their music is totally unique and can be described as "Kyuss meets Iron Maiden", Joacims vocals are just as great as on the HAMMERFALL records. Watch out for this killer album... HADES are glad to announce that original bass player Jimmy Schulman is back in the band. Remember: Jimmy also played bass on the classic HADES album "Resisiting Success", while guitar player Dan Lorenzo played the bass parts on the current release "The Downside". We are happy that Jimmy is back in the band as this increases the cult factor of the band to the max. Prepare yourself for a killer show at this years Wacken Open Air!... JACOBS DREAM have found a new second guitar player in the person of Jonathon S. Noble. The former second guitar player John Barry takes over the keyboards as the band feels this is the best solution for the many live activities to come... Chris Reifert from Autopsy with Killjoy and Dan Lilker have join forces under the moniker RAVENOUS to recall reminiscences from the old death metal glories They will enter a good studio to record their debut-album for Hammerheart, which should be completely in the vein of good old AUTOPSY... Metal Blade has signed one of the most promising Underground Power Metal bands. Many of you have probably heard of them, it's EIDOLON from Canada. They already released two great records ("Zero Hour" and "Seven Spirits") on their own and now it´s time for the next step. Right now the band is recording the new album "Nightmare World", so expect the release sometime later this year... Unfortunately also bad news, due to mixing problems the LABYRINTH album "Sons Of Thunder" won't be out in May, most probably we will release the album straight after the summer. The SACRED STEEL release party will take place on the 26th of May in the "Röhre" in Stuttgart. Support bands will be Destillery and Dark At Dawn plus another band... VADER will tour together with FLESHCRAWL, Vital Remains and two other bands in June all over Europe. Dates will follow soon! Suhrim (B) (johan.antonissen@pandora.be) has some problems for the moment. Their drummer had an accident a few days ago and has a broken knee. That results in 5 weeks off. They are looking for a drummer who can replace him for the time he is not valid... The brutal deathmetal band Godless Truth (CZ) (katopetia@volny.cz) is on the road in Europe around the beginning of April... Erebos productions (SK) (belobrad@za.netax.sk) is organizing The Purulent Decomposition tour. The bands are Sepsism (US), Sanatorium (SK) and Intervalle Bizarre (CZ). Almost all the dates are ok but there are still some open dates. They are looking for a gig somewhere in France or Spain on 22/03 and in Poland on 30/03. Who can help???... Nahash and Dissimulation are black metalbands from Lithuania. They are looking for participating in any shows and festivals in Western Europe and elsewhere. All they need is money for the travel costs and sleeping places. You can contact the bands by sending an e-mail to Ledo Takas rec. ledo@takas.lt... The catchy brutal deathmetal band Zarathustra (B) changed their name in Panchrysia. There were to much bands with that name. They have also a new e-mail adress: panchrysia_devil@hotmail.com... Anphisbenah (anphisbenah@zaz.com.br) is a death metalband. They updated their website. They are also looking for more contacts and trading some links... Cicatrix (PL) started with the promotion of their brutal and extreme offspring Evisceration... Gallery of Tragedies (mystery@mbnet.fi) is back after a year of problems and would-be break-ups. On the site you can find a lot of info about the band also some samples... Gurkkhas (jeanfrancois.rey@freesbee.fr) signed a five cd deal with Massacre records (D). Their first brutal deathmetal album is already recorded by Stéphane Buriez. The title is Engraved in blood, flesh and souls and will be out in the beginning of march... Rossomahaar (RU) released a new cd Imperium Tenebrarum. It is available on More Hate distro: rossomahaar@mtu-net.ru. It is recorded @ CDM studio... Pessimist (pess666@ix.netcom.com) is in the writing process for their 3rd full-lenght cd. Some titles are Tundra, Stripped of Immortality, Malevolence Incarnate... Aborted (goremaggedon@hotmail.com) will appear on a Necropolis rec. Carcass tribute cd with song Incarnated Solvent Abuse... There is great news from Suhrim (B) (johan.antonissen@pandora.be). They signed a deal with Soulreaper rec. (soulreaper@angelfire.com). The debut cd of the Belgian Mortician is planned for this summer... The heavy metal band Patriarch (patriarchfm@hotmail.com) ended successfull the recordings for the song Inside. It's a new song that will be released very soon on a split 7" with After All with colored vinyl. It will be a limited edition with 300 copies. It will be the first release of CanniBealus rec. zjosuah@pandora.be... In Ruins (frans@anchor.nl) is looking for a new drummer. The black-death band is looking for some one with the knowledge of double bass and grind-blast beats. There are a lot of concerts in the future and cd recordings at fall 2000... The symphonic metal band Beyond The Labyrinth (B) (Geert.Fieuw@skynet.be) will present their new line-up on 13/05 at JH Dido in Erpe Mere (B)... The death-doom band Aetherium (B) is looking for a drummer. Contact: ++32 (0)3 309 92 97... The oldschool technical deathmetal band Pulverizer (NL) pulverizer@tebenet.nl recorded 2 new songs and 1 cover for a 7" and are looking for a label who want to release their stuff... The best Belgian heavy metal band Witschmeller Pursuivant (B) (Erpman55@hotmail.com) will enter the studio in april/may to record the their debut cd some titles are: Collector of souls, Enter delirium, Caught the act, Fallen from Grace... Oceans Of Sadness (B) one of the most original bands of Belgium will enter the Harrow-studio's from 5 till 11 march for the recordings of their debut cd. the cd will be presented at De Biebob on 29/04 (Spin City night)... After All (B) will release soon the 3" cd Dead Loss. They are busy with a deal with a very interesting label. Other news is: they will release 2 unreleased songs on a 7" on Near Dark rec. (SWE) and release an exclusive song on the split 7" with patriarch on the newest label Cannibaelus rec... In March the compilation "Power From The North - Sweden Rocks The World" will see the light of day. It's an album that will promote Swedish Hardrock and Metal worldwide. Some of Swedens best and most respected bands contribute by playing covers by their Swedish forerunners. The album have been put together by Phantom Music but will be released by Digital Dimension in Europe and North America. In Japan JVC/Victor Entertainment will release the CD in May... Nile's new album "Seeds of Vengeance" should be out in May/June on Relapse Records... On March the 13th the Brazilian deathsters KRISIUN will release their 3rd album "Conquerors of Armageddon" through Century Media... Burial hits the studio March 3rd to record their full-length debut cd on Lost Disciple Records... Enter Self are also releasing their debut CD on Lost Disciple Records very soon. If you like a blast/groove mix of death metal... look no further... New split mini CD of Impetigo / Ingrowing has been released on Shindy Productions... Depresy will enter the studio in April to record one or two new songs for a split 7"EP w/ Canadian prog brutal death metallers Neuraxis. A new full lenght album should be recorded in late 2000... On March the 21st ,WASP will release a Best of album entitled 'Best Of The Best Volume One 1984 - 2000'... NILE new album "Seeds of Vengeance" will be out in May... AMBER ASYLUM 4th album is schedule for this summer... Expect a new album from AMORPHIS sometime this year... HELLOWEEN, will enter the studio in April to start the recordings for their new album in Teneriffe/Spain with producer Roy Z. and engineer Charly Bauernfeind... TO DIE FOR will shoot Videos for the songs "Farewell" and their first single release "In the heat of the night" (Sandra cover version)... PRO PAIN are signed to Nuclear Blast and will record a new album later this year... THERION entered the German retail charts on Pos. 43 with their new album "Deggial" STRATOVARIUS entered the Single Charts in Finland on Pos. 2... The release date for the third album from metallers SKULLVIEW is not yet set... KING DIAMOND new album will probably be out in May... BORKNAGAR new album "Quintessence" is set for release in April as well as SHADOWS FALL "Of One Blood" amd also ASPHYX come back "On The Wings Of Inferno"... By late May watch out for CEMETARY 1213 album, JAG PANZER new album "Thane To The Throne", ANGEL DUST with "Illuminate The Darkness" and TANKARD with "Kings Of Beer"... In June NOCTURNAL RITES with "Afterlife". Also in the summer check the new releases from THE GATHERING and ROTTING CHRIST... ARCH ENEMY have returned from their US tour as support for labelmates Nevermore and are already working diligently on the follow-up album to "Burning Bridges"... Michael Amott has been voted the second best guitarist (right after Yngwie Malmsteen) by the readers of Japanese BURRN! Magazine... IN FLAMES have entered Studio Fredman to record the next album with working name "Safe Handling Instruction", here are a few song titles from the album: Swim, Square Nothing, Suburban Me, As The Future Repeats Today, Brush The Dust Away, Pinball Map... HAMMERFALL are ready to enter the studio and produce their yet untitled third album. The recordings will start on May the 1st . The album will be recorded in the Wireworld Studios - Nashville/Tennesee/USA with none other than Producer legend Michael Wagener... KIVIKYY "Kosto", featuring the Mr. Jukka and Miss Hanna, both members from AS DIVINE... SATANIC SLAUGHTER new album "Afterlife Kingdom". The third studio album from these Cult Black Metal band. Raw and aggressive Black Metal... SOBRE NOCTURNE - "Serpentine Dreamweaver" The long awaited solo debut of Necromicon's Stefan Lundgren. A Majestic Goth Metal Opera. Including Massive choirs, Female singing, Symphonic parts etc. Clean singing from Jan Strandh - Producer of Morifade/Guitarplayer in Master Massive and Twiligt. All this mixed with Stefans outstanding guitarr-riffs and growling vocals... MORIFADE will tour France in June with LABYRINTH and PINK CREAM 69, 4 gigs are planned... The first Loud N' Proud Festival will take place at Skylten - Linköping/Sweden on 6th of May. Planned bands are MORIFADE, PERSUADER, FRETERNIA, SUPREME MAJESTY and ISENGARD (SWE). This setlist can be changed... Epic Power Metal band ISENGARD from Sweden have done with the first part of the recording of their third full-length album "Crownless Majesty" that will be finished at early summer... After their successful European tour with In Flames and their nomination at the Swedish Grammy Award for "Projector", Gothenburg's DARK TRANQUILLITY will retreat to Studio Fredman in mid March to start recording their fifth album... DECEASED are currently preparing for the release of "Supernatural Addiction"... SUFFOCATION's "Human Waste" will soon be re-issued with updated artwork, and it'll be mastered for the 1st time. The release date is yet to be determined... AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, split 7" with Benumb currently in production. Plans are underway for a split CD with Mortician that will feature the tracks from the "PCP Torpedo" 5" on CD for the 1st time. Plans are also still underway for their "Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope" full-length... BENUMB are currently preparing to go into the studio in February to record the follow-up to the highly successful underground classic "Soul of the Martyr". In the meantime be on the lookout for their forthcoming split 7" single with Agoraphobic Nosebleed... CEPHALIC CARNAGE just finished up recording their debut for Relapse "Exploiting Dysfunction" down in New Orleans with producer Keith Falgout (Crowbar, Acid Bath, Soilent Green). Plans see the release hitting on March 27th in Europe and the 28th in the US with the band debuting the material at this year's March Metal Meltdown on March 10th & 11th in New Jersey. Plans also see the band hitting this year's Ohio Death Fest in April, Mayhem In May in California and this July's Milwaukee Metal Fest... EXHUMED are currently putting the finishing touches on their next platter of splatter. They plan to enter the studio with James Murphy sometime in March to complete the carving.... INCANTATION just finished up in Mars Studios in Cleveland. The forthcoming "The Infernal Storm" is by far their best-produced and most well rounded release to date... NILE: A collection of their early demos, named "In the Beginning", will be released in February. "In the Beginning" compiles the bands 1995 five song "Festivals of Atonement" demo with "Ramses Bringer of War", their most recent (1997) three song demo... SOMNUS new album "Awakening the Crown" will be out shortly, the band will also be playing at the New Jersey March Metal Meltdown... WALHALLA new full length album is on the horizon... IMPALER is set to enter studio to record their new full length... DEMONICON new album "Condemned Creation" is on the way... ALAS has also decided to go with HAMMERHEART RECORDS!!! ALAS performs technically perfect Metal with female vocals. The composer and main-member of this band is none less than Erik Rhutan of Morbid Angel/Hate Eternal fame...and don’t worry on the female vocals, this is Martina of Therion singing !!! After the Hate Ternal tour in Europe the recording-proces will develop and start... Prejudice (B) (http://bewoner.dma.be/prejud - prejudice@planetinternet.be) will release a new cd around december of 2000. They have also a new guitar player "David". It is an ex-member of Necrodochion and Protomysta. They are also busy with their BRUTAL ZERO ZERO tour that brings them on stages in Belgium, Holland and Italy... No contracts are signed yet, though there’s a big chance that Necrology will appear on a AC/DC tribute-album with the cover "You Shook Me All Night Long" in their own brutal way. The cd will be released worldwide by DWELL RECORDS. A Russian label will release a special Necrology tape with both the first and the second demo of Necrology. The tape will be sold in ex-USSR countries and East territory (Japan, Korea, China and India)... On 1 February 2000 a new Record Label will see daylight, DVS Records. This new label will especially concentrate on progressive & power metal bands, to be started with the debut album of Norwegian band Sonic Debris, entitled "Velvet Thorns". For more information about DVS Records check out http://www.dvsrecords.com...


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