Go Statistics Freeware Applications

In pursuit of his go statistics, Steven has developed two Visual Basic applications that he is providing here as freeware for you to download and install on your PC (Windows operating systems).

These applications not only give you more detailed information on Steven's go statistics but, what's more, they also give you the additional benefit of allowing you to make use of these applications for your own go statistics.

The first application—Go Tournaments 1.0—is devoted to Steven's tournament games. It offers detailed information on the 90-plus tournaments in which Steven has participated since the beginning of his go career in 1980.

The second application—Go Games 1.0—is devoted to the breakdown of information on the number of games that Steven has played and won at each handicap level. It provides the same kind of information as is found on the Handicap Statistics page of this Web site. This application was first written by Steven in Quick Basic in 1995. Only recently has he rewritten it in Visual Basic. Naturally, he used this occasion to make several improvements in the original program.

To use these applications for your own go statistics, you need only follow the instructions given in the text file that opens when you click the Introduction button found on the main menu of each program.

To View User Interface

You may view the user interface of the main display screen of each application by clicking the thumbnails here.

Click Thumbnail to See Enlarged Image
Go Tournaments Go Games
Main Display of Go Tournaments Main Display of Go Games

To Download Applications

You may download either one, or both, of these wonderful applications by clicking on the appropriate thumbnail. Once you've downloaded the application, simply double-click its .ZIP file (presumably, you already have Winzip installed on your PC). This action will install the application and place the relevant files in either the GoTournaments or the GoGames folder in the Program Files folder of your C drive. If you wish, you may then delete the application's .ZIP file.

Click Thumbnail to Download Application
GoTournaments.zip GoGames.zip
Click to Download Application Click to Download Application

The data text files that are used in these applications are those that were bundled with the applications in early September, 1999. Consequently, the last full month for which there are statistics on Steven’s games is August. If you want to be up to date on Steven’s statistics, you must download the data text files provided below.

If Steven makes any improvements in his applications, the updated versions will also be provided here.

Incidentally, these applications were designed to be viewed at the 800 x 600 resolution level of your monitor.

To Download Data Text Files

Every month, at the same time as the other data at this Web site is updated, the data text files used as the databases for these applications will be provided here for you to download in their .ZIP formats.

Once downloaded, simply double-click the .ZIP files to open them, and then place the files they contain in their appropriate folders: For the Go Tournaments application, the file is TOURDATA.TXT, which is found in the GoTournaments folder of the Program Files folder; and for the Go Games application, the files are GAMES.TXT and WINS.TXT, which are found in the GoGames folder in the Programs Files folder. If you wish, you may then delete these .ZIP files.

Downloading these files will allow you to keep up to date on Steven's games and tournaments, and provide you with endless hours of pleasure in analyzing Steven's go statistics.

Click Thumbnail to Download Data Text Files
Click to Download Data Text File Click to Download Data Text Files

(Note: The numbers at the end of the file names have a special significance. They both indicate the last record of data in each data text file. For Tournaments, the number indicates that this .ZIP file contains the data text file that includes information on Steven’s last tournament, which was his in his go career; while the number in Games, indicates that this .ZIP file contains the data text files that include information on Steven’s last month of data on his games, which is Naturally, the data text files on Steven's games will be updated at the end of each month, while the data text file on Steven's go tournaments will be updated only when he plays in a new tournament.)


If you have any comments you would like to make regarding these applications, click the E-mail icon below. Naturally, any comments regarding improvements or bugs are heartily welcomed.

Steven’s E-mail:

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