Handicap Statistics

Below you will find statistical information on Steven’s handicap games. The table below displays a breakdown of the number of games played at each handicap level. This table is followed immediately by charts, giving you a visual representation of the same statistics.

Please note that a "-" in front of a handicap level means that Steven received the handicap.

By the way, for a few months beginning in June of 1980, when Steven began to record all his games in a consistent manner, he neglected to enter the handicap level for 57 of his games. This is why the total number of handicap games and which is displayed on the other pages of this site.

Of these 57 games, 15 were wins. This explains why the number of wins This means that a few inaccuracies, very slight ones, are presented in the table and charts below. These inaccuracies affect the last two columns of the table and the green bars and magenta lines in the first three charts. The last chart is unaffected. These inaccuracies do not affect the statistical information on the other pages of this site.

(Please note that, unlike the other statistical information at this site, the charts on this page aren’t updated on a monthly basis.)

In the legend portion of the charts below, the figure 18,496 is the total number of games with handicap information as of the end of December, 2015.

Chart: All Handicap Levels

Chart: 4 Grouped Levels

Chart: 2 Grouped Levels

Chart: Even vs. Non Even

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