Turning up the heat

Quite a lot of people experiment with ways, to make the sex organ more sensitive or even physically hot. There are safe and very unsafe ways to do that. Below are the safe ways. All other methods are unsafe or at least risky. In all cases: the vaginal flora is sensitive and important and internal use of the substances described here is to be avoided at all times.

  Rubbing the the sex organ with the substances described will make the area sensitive or "set the place on fire" for a longer period of time. It is fun to do, but be aware that it may cause allergic reactions sometimes. Here is a list of safe methods and the effects it will have. Effects of course may be different to different persons.

Menthol oil (or eucalyptus oil or a combination of both) - Rubbing the area described with menthol oil (do use a pure one and not an alcohol based one) will make the clitoris extremely sensitive and "hot", the effect lasting for 30 to 60 minutes. The effects of menthol oil are usually considered mild but effective.

Vicks Vaporub is a product used to treat colds. It will have the same effect as menthol oil when used on the clit in small amounts.

Peppered olive oil - Squeeze some liquid out of a chili pepper and mix it with olive oil (1 teaspoon of pepper liquid to 2 teaspoons of olive oil). Alternatively add two teaspoons of crushed cayenne pepper to two teaspoons of olive oil. Use this when massaging the clitoris in small amounts. It will "burn" and last for approximately an hour.

An even more "spicy" effect is obtained from the use of Tiger Balm, an oriental substance normally used to comfort painful muscles. Apply in very small amounts and rub gently and long, preferable when the area is dry. Be aware of the fact that Tiger Balm has a very penetrating and distinctive smell that is not easy to get rid off.

Chili pepper - you can scrape some of the peel of a chili pepper (the more hot the pepper, the greater the effect) and rub the pepper directly in the clit. Be aware that this causes a very intense "burn" that may last for several hours and that there is no escape from it (washing or other ways to try and "put the fire out" will usually not help). Once applied your sub will have to "sit it out".

Tabasco sauce has the effect of Chili pepper when applied on the clitoris in small amounts and the same goes for Indonesian pepper sauce (sambal oelek). There are all sorts of different samba variants. Oleic is the best one. Really, really mean, long lasting and burning furiously is green samba sauce, made from the little rawit peppers.

Oils, Lotions and Gels

  You need not spend a fortune on these items. Most ingredients can be found in your local supermarket or pharmacy. A topical solution is one that is applied directly to the skin. There are many different types that will produce different sensations or even block sensation if you prefer. As with any new form of play, you should discuss the possible implications of anything you plan to use. A person who tolerates red hot chili powder may not tolerate something as mild as whipping cream. Even if your sub does not have very sensitive skin, allergy is a real possibility that must be taken into consideration. You may want to do a skin test before applying anything new. Apply the substance to a small area on the inside forearm just above the wrist. Wait for at least one hour to see if any reaction occurs, such as redness, itching or swelling.

  Always have an antagonist for or a way to remove any substance you use. It is possible for your sub not to be bothered by a substance the first time it is used...but then to have a full blown reaction the next time. For oil based topical, liquid based soaps, witch hazel or other astringent will work well.
Different areas of the skin will be more sensitive than others. In general, the skin that is exposed to the air regularly will be tougher and able to withstand stronger solutions. Mucous membranes (genital, rectal and the inside of the mouth and nose) are the most sensitive and should be treated carefully. Most of the solutions mentioned here can be safely applied in the rectum or vagina, but always remember, each person is an individual and may react differently. The following information should be considered a guideline and adapted to each person and his or her tolerance.


Chile Peppers
When you visit your supermarket, you will notice there are several different kinds of peppers available in the produce section. The mildest are sweet green peppers and probably the hottest are Habanera peppers. The sweet peppers will probably give no sensation at all, while the Habanera peppers will almost certainly result in painful blisters and are best avoided. Jalapeno peppers are medium in their intensity and generally work well. To apply, cut the peppers into whatever shape you wish and lay on the skin, or you can use only the juice if you prefer. (hint: try keeping the pepper in the refrigerator until just before use. When you put it on, the slow warm up is always a surprise).
Other Food Items
Citrus juices such as orange, lemon and lime will produce an intense burning on skin that is already abraded, as will vinegar. If you want to have some real fun, try a soda and vinegar volcano. Blindfold your sub and have her lie on her back. Coat the intended area liberally with baking soda, then spray on some white vinegar with a spray bottle. The resulting sizzling sound and feeling is sure to get a reaction.

Freshly ground spices will irritate the skin in different ways.....some with heat....others with an itching sensation. Ground ginger or cloves sprinkled on the genital and/or rectal area will produce an intense itching. Take your sub out to a fashionable restaurant after applying one of these and just see how still she can be. For an even more intense experience, dip glycerin suppositories in the ground spices. If you want a very gentle effect, use ground cinnamon.

Essential Oils are pure and concentrated oils that must be diluted with a base oil such as one of the common massage oils commonly available in adult stores. You may wish to try the stimulant oils such as peppermint, citrus, and cinnamon. Cinnamon may be too intense when applied directly to the skin. You may wish to buy a synthetic cinnamon oil at your favorite toy store.

Liniments are creams, ointments and sometimes gels, that are made from heat producing substances such as camphor, wintergreen or capsaicin, the substance in chili peppers. They are usually used to relieve joint or muscle pain. A new form is a saturated pad that can be cut and applied to the desired area. It is self adhesive and will not fall off during movement and can be cut to any desired shape or size. Try rubbing a liniment onto a freshly spanked bottom. At first your sub will think you are rubbing in a nice soothing cream...until the heat begins to set in. The heat of a liniment will usually last 30 minutes to an hour. If you need to remove it quickly, soap and water will usually do the trick. Sometimes just the scent of a certain liniment will set your sub to worrying. Try just opening a bottle of wintergreen and giving your sub a sniff......right after a thorough flogging. Applying Ben-Gay, Icy-Hot or other over the counter liniments to your subs genitals will provide a sensation that builds to a peak quickly and then fades away. For quick removal, soap and water, followed by witch hazel works well. For a milder effect, try toothpaste. The gel type work best. "Close-up" comes highly recommended.

are sprayed or rubbed on the skin to relieve pain by numbing the nerve endings close to the skin surface. Commonly found in your drugstore or supermarket are Solarcaine, Lanacaine, Xylocaine, Ambesol and Dermaplast. Although these agents can be used after a scene to relieve skin pain, another idea is to use it before and during a scene, especially if your sub is on the masochistic side. Deprive her of the feeling of the warm wax dropping on the inside of her thighs. Let her watch it drop. Frustration??? Just watch.