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François Mailly, 1 ancestor in Nouvelle France, today's; Québec, Canada

In direct line Married to Brother 1 Brother 2
François Mailly Married to Madeleine Dufresne Nov. 10, 1727  Guillaume
François Mailly Married to Marie Duchesneau Nov. 7, 1757 Joseph-Amable Married to Cecile Navare august 25, 1765
Gilles Mailly Married to Marie Roy Oct. 20, 1780
Joseph Louis Mailly Married to Marie Angélique Giguères Feb. 10, 1817 Gilles-Francois Joseph
François-Xavier (Maingui)Mailly Married to Eleonore Tharsile Dion April 4, 1853 Louis
Joseph-Onésime (Magny)Mailly Married to Adèle Nadeau Oct. 26, 1903
Joseph-Adelard Mailly Married to Lauretta Duclos Sept. 26, 1948 Georges-Aimé
Louis-Philippe Mailly Married to Sylvie Ehrhardt dec. 22, 1979 Robin
Geneviève Mailly Born Feb. 5, 1982

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