History of Mailly in France

Ancient history of the distinguish family name of MAILLY

Bourgone is the land of origin. Trough time most of the names were significantly change for many reasons. A son had the choice of not to write his name like that of his father. Most of the change were due to error in spelling due to accent, pronunciation. That resulted in variation of the name as of: Maillie, Mailley, Maillies, Mailies, Maily, Mailie, Mailey, Maillet, Mayie, de Mailly, de Maillie, de Mailley, de Maily, de Mailie, de Mayie are some example.

This unique house date back to Anselme de Mailly trustee and guardian of the count of Flandre in 1050, kill in battle in 1070. Who fathered, Whautier, who then fathered Nicholas, who then fathered Gilles, who then fathered Gilles, who then fathered Jean. Jean de Mailly married Jeanne de Courcy, sister of then Queen of Scotland, fathered Gilles who with Perone de Raynouald, fathered Gilles who with Anne de Monreuil, fathered Gilles who with Marie de Coucy, fathered Colart also known as Payen de Mailly, heroes of numerous chivalry exploit, regent of the kingdom in 1410, kill with one of his son in 1415, who's son had also Jean Baron de Mailly who with Catherine de Marais had to sons. Hutin kill in battle and Jean de Mailly chamberlain of the King of France. He had two son too, Antoine Baron de Mailly and Adrien Knight of the Mailly. Antoine lineage ended in 1788, Adrien who married in 1503 Françoise de Beleul, his lineage is still alive today as André count the Mailly still live in Paris.

Now the association of the Mailly's is seeking to find out from which of those two sons François Mailly is the legitimate or illegitimate son if at all.

During the XVI century, exploration of the new continent became a challenge for the Europeans country. thus came the first immigrant, Louis Hébert who came in Nouvelle-France with Champlain as the first pioneer in 1617 had a daughter from whom came a daughter who had a daughter who had a daughter who married François Mailly. 100 years later after Champlain first arrived, population was 300 in Quebec, among those was François Mailly son of François Mailly and Dominique Toussainct inn keepers of (layrac)leyrac, who married Madeleine Dufresne in 1727. In the next centuries The Mailly went and settle trough out the Americas, we know of John Mailey and Daniel Maillie settle in Philadelphia in 1861 and 1880.

The family Maillys' castle is no more

the credo is: "Honge Qui Vonra" = "Gronde qui voudra" "Wants to Rumble"

the battle rally is: "Mailly! Mailly!"

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