Netquiz 2

NetQuiz 2 - French version -has just been released.

NetQuiz 2 - English version -will be available in summer 2001.

With Netquiz 2.0 you can develop exercises or tests for the Internet without programming or knowledge of HTML. It is an authoring template that allows you to create questions using a variety of question types: Matching questions using text or images, Multiple Choice with one or more answers, Fill-in-the-blank, List Ordering, True or False and Cloze Exercises with up to 15 spaces and presented as either multiple choice or fill in the blank types.

Each question can include specific feedback for correct and incorrect answers and hints. Questions can be weighted differently and the answers hidden. NetQuiz 2 can easily be used for evaluation of student performance. Results can be e-mailed to the instructor.

Netquiz 2 also allows you to modify the labels and titles in all menus including the error messages. This means that questionnaires can be developed in a variety of languages.

For each question, you can include images, audio files and video sequences.

The command, Save as HTML, creates the quiz for you. Then you just need to copy the folder to a LAN or to a Web server for Internet access.

A quiz can contain up to 100 questions.

Download a French demo version that allows you to create four-item quizzes. The English demo will be available in summer 2001.

Download the Macintosh version.

Download the Windows version.



Crisscross Words creates crisscross puzzles varying in size from 11 x 11 squares to 35 x 35 squares. These puzzles can be solved on-line or on a printed copy. The score is calculated by Crisscross Words as the user fills in words. The score depends on the actual time elapsed and the level of difficulty of the words.

Crisscross Words creates the puzzles using existing dictionaries or dictionaries created by the user within the application. It is possible to merge dictionaries. Existing dictionaries to be merged must be converted to the Crisscross Words format.

Download a free copy of the software for either the Windows or the Macintosh platform.


Crisscross Words User Guide

(right click & select Save As... to download the guide)