One of my main hobbies is my website dedicated to the Flintstones. I started this website a few years ago, and make changes whenever time permits. There's a lot of visitors each day, ranging from all ages. I try to make my own educational games for the Flintstones since a lot of visitors are young kids, or families. If you are a fan, it's definitly worth checking out.

As any true programmer, I'm an online gamer. My husband was the first to introduced me to Quake2 Expert CTF (Capture the Flag). It is an awesome game with a small but great community. Recently, however, my online game has become Half-life Counter-Strike. Although the community is bigger, the server that I frequently play on has a great bunch of people. You can find me playing under the alias PebbZ or G[ii]rl. Of course, like any true gamer, I belong to a few clans.
  • ii - (counter-strike)
  • hive - (Quake2 ECTF)
  • bbq - (Quake2 ECTF)

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
Back in the day, I was a frequent member on IRC. My nick on irc was Pebb|es, and some of the channels I visited was #canada and #montreal on Efnet, and #usa on Euro-Efnet.

Programmming is a hobbie and a job for me. I love to create websites and programs.

Canis Major
In my university days, I took an astronomy class. Although I am not a writer, I had a lot of fun writting this essay on canis major.