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Squads of five shooters fire from each of eight shooting stations arranged around a semi-circle. There is no guesswork as to which house the target will come from and what path it will take. The high house target starts from a point 10-feet above the ground and the low house target from a point up to 3-feet above the ground. The following target sequence is standard in a round of skeet:

  • Stations 1 and 2: High house single; Low house single; High house/Low house pair.
  • Stations 3, 4 and 5: High house single; Low house single.
  • Station 6 and 7: High house single; Low house single; Low house/High house pair.
  • Station 8: High house single; Low house single.

The 25th shot, completing the round, is taken at the time of the first miss, or with 24 consecutive broken targets. The 25th shot may be taken from any position on the field. Do not rush on doubles or you may get confused as to which target to break first. Always shoot the target moving away from you first, then break the incoming target.

Competitive skeet is shot with different gauge shotguns. As the gauge gets smaller, the difficulty naturally increases and scores get lower. Competitive skeet is divided into four categories:

All Bore Event:
Open to 12 gauge or smaller.
Open to 20 gauge or smaller.
Open to 28 gauge or smaller.
Open only to 410 bore.

To shoot registered targets you must be a member of the National Skeet Shooting Association.

Firearms: Skeet shooting is done with 12, 20 and 28 gauge and 410 bore shotguns. Avid skeet shooters favor short barreled guns with open chokes.

Virtually all skeet shooting is done with shotshells loaded with #8-9 shot. For 12 gauge events, shotshells carry 23/4 - 3 drams equivalent of powder and 11/8 ounce of shot. Loads with only 1 ounce of shot are also popular.


For complete rules and regulations governing skeet shooting:
National Skeet Shooting Association
5931 Roft Road
San Antonio, TX 78253



   Quebec Skeet Shooting Federation
Maxime Lemay, Director



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