My radio shack in 2010




Today the computer in a major component in all the good radioamateur shack.  To work VHF/UHF a Yaesu Ft-8800, for H.F.  I have two radios, the first one is a Kenwood mobile TS-50, the second one a Icom IC-737 both are connected to a Dentron antenna tuner.  I like contesting on H.F. mostly on CW, the computer is controling almost every thing, with N1MM as a logger and MixW who makes the operation on 17 differents modes possible via the computer soundcard.
A DSP homemade, a Astron 35 amps power supply, a Daiwa CN-101L swr/power meter, a 6 positions antenna switch, a Kenwood lowpass filter and a TailTwister rotor complete my main station.




All these equipements are fro listening. On the left is a ICOM IC-737, a Realistic Pro-2022 scanner, the homemade Doppler is listening 146.100 MHz and send all the received informations as APRS packets via Internet. For SSB a ICOM-251A an hold Yaesu FT-227R going in a Cuscraft 14 elements Yagi, a Phoenix modified for transmitting the Doppler informations as APRS packets on VHF frequencies and finaly a Yaesu FT-230 connected to a  Diamond X-50.





A second view





With time many VHF/UHF portables on the shelves, headset and many others radioamateurs accessories.


In my 48 feet tower, a VHF/UHF homemade, a Diamond 200 VHF/UHF antenna, the Doppler antenna, a VHF/UHF antenna Diamond X-50 .  A PVC pipe under the rotor is holding a Delta Loop antenna for 40 meters and an inverted V for 80 meters. Each H.F. antenna as a balun 1.1 made of 20 feet of RG-213 coax on a PVC 2" pipe.  The TailTwister rotor controled by computer by the Rotor-EZ kit, the H.F. beam is a Cuscraft MA5B for 10, 12, 15, 17 et 20 meters, on the top a Cuscraft 14 elements VHF.

The H.F. antenna look realy nice because of the X on the ends, the boom is only 7' 3" long.