My radioamateur station before 1997


This is an old picture of my shack in the basement.  On H.F. a Yaesu FT-901DM with the Yaesu 2100B linear. Three CW keys, a straight key, a Vibroblex like all the good operators...hihi... and a Heatkit keyer.  The rotor was a Ham III on top of a 48 feet tower.  On VHF, an old Kenwood with 23 channels, an Diamond 200 antenna and a 4 elements beam with a CD44 rotor.  Working CB was an Courrier 23 channels with a Shakespeare Bigstick base antenna.  My other equipements were an old Hallicrafter 1939 receiver, some swr meters, an Dentron super tuner and many radioamateur books on all subjects.
All my H,F, antennas at that time were homemade, a 40 meters Delta Loop, a dipole for80 meters and a Lambda antenna on 160 meters.
I also made a very nice 6 elements Delta Loop beam for 10, 15 et 20 meters with a 10 feet boom.  This is the story of that antenna in pictures. Those were the days...hihi...


As soon as the antenna was completed my first QSO was with Zaire on 20 meters and the antenna was only at 10 feet from the ground



Every saturday morning I climb the tower to install all the parts one at the time



Another saturday...



Hello the world...



I was really proud, all the antenna was homemade, yes sir...



The beauty is now completed



A nice installation and many QSO's, Japan was not a problem, the propagation was there and Internet did not take all your time then



Like all good story as an end, here is the begining of mine...hihi...  The wind was a real eneny for the antenna



With a good wind the 20 meters was reaching the 10 meters section so I had to remove the 15 metres elements.  The sound of the wind was terrible during the night and looking at the antenna break my hearth



After many years and many repairs, also the legs where going with the age.  I decided to lower the two 20 meters elements and make a Cubical Quad.  In January 1997, I left for work in the morning and the antenna was loaded with ice, in the afternoon the antenna and the two top sections of the tower were down on the roof of the house.  That was the end of this nice story!