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Welcome to the official Moonlyght web page, we will do our best to make WWW.MOONLYGHT.CA the ultimate place to find up to date informations about the band, upcoming shows dates, and a lot more... Don't forget to sign our guestbook !

- Moonlyght
2005.12.28 - Happy Holidays !

Moonlyght would like to wish you all a merry xmas and happy new year! The begining of 2006 will be a very busy time for us, as we'll enter Nokturn Studio in February to record our second album! Be certain that we'll give you much more news & details very soon! As for now, drink some beers for us and let us tell you that Moonlyght will be very active in 2006!

- Moonlyght
2005.11.11 - A Sample !

Here's finally a sample of one of the new songs, "Middle", that's going to be on our forthcoming second album.

The drums were recorded with 4 mics on a Roland VS-840, the keyboards were recorded on Theo's computer while the guitars, bass and all vocals were recorded using Fred's gear. This is not even a rough mix, as no work has been done with the recording yet, so expect something definately better once the album will be released in 2006.

7 songs have been recorded in the preproduction process, and there are still 2 more songs that may still see the light of day with the album recording session.

Click here to listen to this sample !

- Moonlyght
2005.08.27 - Studio update

Moonlyght are currently putting the finishing touch to the pre-production of their still untitled second full lenght album. The album will feature 8 songs with titles like: Middle, Hazard, Radiance, Parallels and Penitent. A preview of one of those songs should be available in September. Expect more news to come so come back soon!

On another note, Roby has completed his live line-up for his side project Passage and Caps just came back from a one month tour in Scotland and New-Zealand with his folk band Mauvais Sort. Seems like the beer was good!

- Moonlyght
2005.04.23 - Thank you very much!

You were a bunch of crazy fans to show up at the CDM metalfest saturday night. We had a great time playing for you guys. We were honored to share the stage with such great and pleasant bands. Really a great evening!! Let's hope this metalfest will become an annual meeting for the Québec's metal scene actors.

A special thanks to the «trashers» in front of the stage that never gave it up and to Patrick and his girlfriend that came from pretty far to see the concert. Cheers guys!

As for the next album, the pre-production process is moving along well. It's now time to record the guitar parts. A date for the official studio recording should be announced in the next few weeks. We are working really hard to make you an outstanding record so we hope you'll enjoy!

The profile section has been updated, check it out...

- Moonlyght
2005.04.23 - Spectacular show and more...

Moonlyght will be part of the CDM metalfest in Quebec City on may 21st at L'Impérial. The band will share the stage with good friends from LIVA and CRYSTAL CASTLE. You will also be able to catch 2 other great bands that same night: SOULFORGE and ATHERETIC.

Let's also mention that a surprise and well known headliner will be part of this spectacular evening. Be prepared for a heck of a surprise and for a kick ass show!! Tickets are on sale now for only 15$!!! Hurry up, places are limited.

Another great news, Moonlyght has already began working on the pre-production of their second album. Within the next few months, the band will record 9 new songs. Caps began to hit his drum last week. We can tell you that the new stuff will kill, my friends! This is by far the most complete and interesting work Moonlyght has done so far, with a mix of melancoly, dark metal and many progressive elements. We will be able to give you a taste of this new stuff in the near futur, so come back soon. This definitely is Brutal Pop Music!

- Moonlyght
2005.01.10 - Thank You Montreal !

A big thanks to all the metalheads that showed up at last Saturday’s gig in Montreal. The small Saphir club was pretty jam packed and we really had a blast playing for you. A special thanks to the other bands that shared the stage with us. A big Cheers goes to Profugus Mortis a young and talented band that you should check out. Don’t worry Montreal we’ll be back soon!

A new interview with the Colombian magazine Mtres is available in the interviews section.

Many new critics of the album Progressive Darkness are also available in the reviews section.

Some pictures from our gig at Le petit Cafe Campus in Montreal have been added to the Gallery.

- Moonlyght
2004.11.17 - New stuff !

Two new interviews have been added to the site. One with Ancient Spirit Magazine from Germany and one with Marockmag from Morocco (in French). You can read them both by following this link... or by going to the interview section.

A couple of reviews have also been added so be sure to check them out.

Another good news! We have designed a new collection of Moonlyght items for you boys and girls. All of those items will be available via our website in the next few weeks as we are currently working on this virtual shop. Among those items are girly shirts, ladies underwear (hot shorts), winter hats and much more. Stay tuned in on the merchandise section to see what we'll have in store for you!

- Moonlyght
2004.11.01 - Show with Cradle of Filth !

WOW there’s really nothing else we could say. The Capitole of Québec was so jam packed that it was hardly possible to breathe! A giant thanks goes out to all the fans that showed up on this Halloween’s eve. You guys gave us a warm welcome we will never forget. Québec is becoming an important metal city and we owe it all to you crazy metalheads, so keep on trashing! Thanks again you really enlightened our souls !

- Moonlyght
2004.10.03 - Metal event of the year in Quebec City !

Prepare yourself for an incredible Halloween night on October 31st, because Cradle of Filth is coming to town for what should be an incredible evening. Guess who is the opening act? You’re right Moonlyght!

We are very proud to announce that we’ll share the stage with COF on October 31st at the Capitole de Québec. And to top it all, our buddies from Blinded by Faith will be part of the show. A huge thanks goes out to Sébastien and xtreme productions for putting up this memorable event. Here is your chance to see these 3 bands united for one night only: October 31st. Don’t miss it and hurry up, tickets are on sale now and going fast !!!

- Moonlyght
2004.09.13 - Back From Montreal !

First of all, thanks to all the fans that showed up at the Café Campus in Montreal last Saturday, you guys rock ! A big thanks to Sequence for putting up hell of a show! We’d also like to salute our craziest fans that did a 3 hours drive to come and see us.

Interesting fact, according to a survey performed the SOPREF (society for promotion of the emergent French music) Moonlyght is one of Quebec’s music fans favourite local artist. Besides Moonlyght huge local names like Jean Leloup, Éric Lapointe, Grimskunk and Cowboys Fringuant also figure on the list. So it’s definitely a real achievement for an independent band like us !!!

Finally, we are about to enter the studio to begin the pre-production process for the next album, which is why we won’t tour a lot this fall. But don’t worry we’ll be back on stage soon.

- Moonlyght
2004.08.10 - Site Updates

New reviews from 2 very well known magazines: Exclaim and Unrestrained have been added. Some other reviews from Tragenda webzine, In depth e-zine and Tartar and Desire magazine have also been added to the site.

Some new interviews have been added to the site: one with German webzine The Metal Observer, another one with Tate Bengston from Unrestrained magazine and also one with Home of Rock webzine. You can read them all in the interview section.

Don’t forget to tune in to Metal Reigns radio show ( next Thursday (august 12) at 8 p.m Pacific time, 10 p.m central time or 11 p.m eastern time to hear the interview Caps did with Crusher and co-show host Scythe, don’t miss it!!!

- Moonlyght
2004.07.26 - Gig Reports & Interview

Montreal July 18th

First of all thanks to the fans that showed up at the Foufounes Electriques last Sunday, we had a blast with you guys. Sorry for playing such a short set but unfortunately that was out of our control. Next time we visit Montreal we won’t be so discreet that’s for sure !

Rimouski July 20th

Hell of a night we had in Riki last Tuesday! It had been 2 years since we last visited this city and let me tell you people there are so passionate that the city is close to deserving the title of Quebec’s metal capital. Thank you for the warm welcome, you guys totally rock !!! Special thanks to Nick of Vortex for putting up this show and to Crystal Castle for their great performance. We’ll be back Riki!

Moonlyght Live Radio Interview

Be sure to tune in august 12 as our own Lars Ulrich: Caps will be appearing live on Metal Reign radio show. To hear the interview log on to at 8 p.m Pacific time, 10 p.m central time or 11 p.m eastern time. Don’t miss it!!!

- Moonlyght
2004.07.06 - Moonlyght This Summer

Moonlyght will be in Montreal on July 18th for the 2004 Metalfest that will take place at the Foufounes Electriques. Moonlyght will share the stage with HOWLING SYN, TRANCE OF MINE and NECRONOMICON among others (8 bands total). Two days later, they will play a outdoor gig in Rimouski at the Parc Beauséjour.

The Moonlyghters are still rehearsing new songs for Progressive Darkness follow-up : the seventh track is currently being worked on. Chances are that we will be able to give you a taste of that new stuff before the end of the summer!

- Moonlyght
2004.05.28 - Progressive Darkness Availability

New reviews and a few interviews have been added to the site, so please click on the appropriate link to read them. For those who wanted to put their hands on the 2K4 version of Progressive Darkness, here's a few tips that may help you:

18.99 $ and free shipping.
26.98 $
24.99 $

The World

CD Universe
11.98$ US
16.98 $ US

DVD Empire
13.58$ US

And now a few things that might be of some interest to you:

Theo is now part of the new Kinslayer line-up, a Nightwish tribute band. Roby is putting the finishing touch to the mixing of his solo project Passage, and the members of Moonlyght had the chance to listen to a few tracks last week. Finally, Caps had the honor to share the stage with Shania Twain and a few percussionnists for one song at the Colisée de Québec on may 8th.

- Moonlyght
2004.05.11 - Interview Moonlyght !

Today is a great day! This is the worldwide release of Progressive Darkness on Escapi Records! We are very proud to say that this is a great step for us, as Moonlyght is more than ready to kick asses all over the world!

Interview Moonlyght ! Here is your chance to ask all the questions you ever wanted to know about Moonlyght! The Metal Observer just launched this new proposal: the best questions submitted will appear on the upcoming interview. You can post your questions on our only official forum by clicking here.

- Moonlyght
2004.05.05 - Bad news...

May 7th concert in Quebec cancelled

The promoter, Capital of Metal has decided to cancel next Friday's gig in Quebec. We are extremely sorry about this unfortunate turn of events. Sadly, this is a situation that is beyond our control. Be assured that Moonlyght will do their best to try to play their hometown this summer.

For more question concerning the May 7th gig, please contact or

- Moonlyght
2004.04.21 - Next rendez-vous!

We want to see you all at our next gig on May 7th with Blinded By Faith and Soulforge! We promise you total hell for the night! This concert will be presented at CEGEP Limoilou, Campus Charlesbourg, doors will open at 7h00 pm. Please confirm your presence by buying a ticket at Vision Rock store (Place Laurier, 3rd floor) right now!

Our concert at CEGEP Ste-foy has been great and we would like to thank everyone who were there. A big thanks to Liva too, the staff and everyone else responsible for that great evening !

- Moonlyght
2004.04.07 - Back From Sherbrooke...

We're back from a trip in Sherbrooke that was very interesting to say the least! The gig with Liva at the Graff was great and we would like to thank all of you who were there that night, especially the ones in the very front row and at our table at the BlaBla ! Also, a BIG thanks to Phil, who replaced Fred on guitars and who was more than excellent!

Our next rendez-vous is in Quebec, at the CEGEP Ste-Foy on Monday, April 19th. Maybe a special guest will join us for a song, who knows ???

- Moonlyght
2004.04.03 - Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who showed up at our gig at the Club Soda last saturday.

It was a short set, but we had a great time. For those who were worried about our bassist Davey looking like he was about to bite his bass, dont worry: he ate a pizza after the show, and everything went well !

If you weren't there, please note that we'll be in Sherbrooke next saturday and we'll be playing a slightly different set.

Also, just announced is our next concert in Québec City at the Campus Charlesbourg of the Cégep de Limoilou, produced by Capitale du Metal. Moonlyght will be playing with Blinded by Faith and a guest band to be announced. You can get your ticket at Vision Rock now.

- Moonlyght
2004.03.24 - Lots of gigs in April!

The next month will be a busy one for Moonlyght: shows are scheduled in Montréal, Sherbrooke and Québec, It’s been almost a year since Moonlyght has played in their native town. Concerning the Sherbrooke gig with Liva, on April 3rd, Fred will unfortunately be absent from the evening and will exceptionally be replaced by another guitarist.

In other news, Caps just came back from a trip in Western Canada with his band Mauvais Sort, and just finished recording a demo with Nephusim, a "stoner-rock" group in which Fred also plays. Also, Roby finishes vocals on his first album of Passage, which should come out later this year...

- Moonlyght
2004.03.23 - Flyer

Here is the flyer for the April 3rd gig in Sherbrooke:

- Moonlyght
2004.03.22 - A forum

Moonlyght has it's first and only official forum, let's talk about any Moonlyght-related stuff. Any questions you may have you can ask here, no matter what the subject is, as long as it's Moonlyght related, like the music or even questions to members. It looks like this forum will rock ! See you soon, and don't be affraid to mark your presence here!

You can find the forum under the "Interact" section of the menu or simply by clicking here:

Moonlyght's Forum

- Moonlyght
2004.03.02 - Big News !

We are very proud to announce that Moonlyght signed a worldwide deal with Escapi (Sweden) for singles/CDs as well as for a DVD release! Our first CD on Escapi will be "Progressive Darkness", and will be released worldwide. The release date is set to May 11th, 2004. You can take a look at the press release here.

Here's what it has to say:

Coming out of the Canadian province of Québec, MOONLYGHT are a breath of fresh air into the Metal scene. By joining the best from Black Metal, Death Metal, traditional Metal, Folk and more into an exciting and fluent sound of their own they entice the listener by the amalgamation of driving guitars, gripping melodies, extremely variable vocals, even the use of violin and accordion. Taking the listener on a ride through emotions from love to hatred and from despair to joy, their music is powerful, expressive and different, offering something fresh in an often stale and repetitive genre, changing tempo, intensity and feeling, yet without disrupting the flow. If you like your music to live and not be tied to one particular style, then this may be exactly what you are looking for.

- Moonlyght
2004.01.20 - New Songs !

Needless to say, Moonlyght is alive and well! Many of you know that we already have 3 new songs, some of which we played live on many occasions this past year: Hazard, The Penitent and Parallels (Neverending Story). This latest made it’s live debut at our last gig at Saint-Marc des Carrières, but we can already tell it will be a future live classic. Also, as it was mentionned earlier this week, we just started working on new material: at the moment, we're attacking the enemy from all sides, working on THREE other songs. The next full-length album is slowly taking shape. We will most likely play a few new tracks at the BCI Ten Years anniversary concert in Montréal on march 27th, so be sure to be there !

In related news, Caps has recently done a couple of sucessful gigs with the "Neo-Traditional" band Mauvais Sort, and Roby is currently recording his new solo project entitled "Passage", which takes a much more "Doom Metal" approach than recent Moonlyght work.

A lot is happening in the Moonlyght camp, so stay tuned for some weekly news and updates on

- Moonlyght
2004.01.11 - Happy New Year !

Happy new year everyone !

Moonlyght is busy rehearsing new songs for an upcoming new album.

- Moonlyght
2003.12.15 - St-Marc-Des-Carrières

Moonlyght wish to thank everybody who were present at the St-Marc-Des-Carrières gig for their great support and kind welcome!

- Moonlyght