Déja V-U Nights

Déjà V-U Nights is not only unique in its genre, but first and foremost, a night reflecting your image! This night stands out due to its musical tastes, which include the newest music in the gothic and electronic styles. Far from being "pop", this night looks for an eclectic, atmospheric and surprising ambience. It breaks the mould that most nights fall into.

Déjà V-U is set in a warm and inviting English style pub. The setting is perfect to socialize between friends, meet new people and discover and listen to fascinating music!

Your hosts Olivier De Montigny a.k.a. Dj Uriel and Sylvain Lépine a.k.a. Dj Vulcain have the pleasure of inviting you to the Pub Le Balafré, offering promotions as often as they can. You'll notice that each Déjà V-U, we have album release parties, meaning that you could have the chance of going back home with a choice album! This allows you to better appreciate and inform yourself about the music, artists and labels we play at Déjà V-U.

Welcome to our world!

The Déjà V-U team (Deejays Vulcain - Uriel)

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How to locate Pub Le Balafré

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