Recent masterpieces

Gothic music, like all other musical genre, is always evolving. Bored to death listening to The Sky's gone out and would like to find new sounds? This section can provide some answers to your problems

Dj’s Top 10

You really want to know on what song Uriel and Vulcain are listening to? What's flipping the synapses of these poor souls? And, maybe, by the same token, discover an hidden kitch side? This section is for you.

On-line shopping

Having problems finding a good record shop in Montreal? You are living in the country? Better: you would like to order the latest Sopor on vinyl? The Internet eliminate the limits imposed by distance and the choice offered in north-american record shops. You will find practical tips on how to shop on-line in Europe and in the United States.


Interview with Funhouse’s lead guitar and singer Michael Körner

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