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April 13th 2003

Âme Immortelle, Als Die Libe StarbFor this event, not only you will attend the best in gothic darkwave and ethereal music in town but you will assist in three album releases.

First off, we will release the newest from L'Âme Immortelle this month.

“Once again L’Âme Immortelle have combined their passion and creativity to explore a musical terrain the world has never known before. Their refusal to make compromises to their artistic vision allowed them to create another masterly album entitled Als die Liebe starb. Starting off with Thomas’ mourning words and breathy vocals one slowly immerses in the world of L’Âme Immortelle with Sonja’s angelic vocals in the track Tiefster Winter. Electric and erotic, this album offers both grace and sensuality. L’Âme Immortelle are still at the heart and soul of the synth and electronic sound but there is a lot more to this album (disarming even the severest critics). The melodies are still unmistakably L’Âme Immortelle but the band creates an even more unique world of sounds where beautiful, brooding and cascaded string arrangements are mixed with gritty guitar sounds, bass, drums and aggressive distorted beats.” (more infos)

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Audra, Going To The TheatreThe second album is from Audra, Going To The Theatre.

“A remarkable album evoking such influences as David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Roxy Music and the Velvet Underground. Going to the Theatre (the second full-length release from Arizona-based brothers Bret and Bart Helm) presents ten snapshots of characters confronting the images and experiences that fuel their passage from child to adult, from innocent to debased. Between the sultry cabaret grind of "Midnight Moon Swing" and the sullen, lonely guitar of "Don't End This Time," Audra leads their audience on a stirring and shimmering journey through a landscape of innocence and its loss. Excitement clashes with sorrow, joy with fear, creating a dark, seductive and mesmerizing experience. "Between Bret's deep, sexy, hypnotizing vocals and Bart's melodic and groove-bending guitars, this album takes you through a musical spiral of mood-altering gothic architecture.”
Erin Potts, Audra fan

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Garden Of Delight, Apocriphal IAnd last but not least, Garden of Delight, Apocriphal 1 : The Fallen the latest from these goth-rockers from Germany.

“The newest triumph created by Garden Of Delight is considerably more elaborate in every respect. The record stands out like a soundtrack to doomsday. It is almost like an apocalyptic play on CD and very theatrical in the sense that there are different characters that are brought to life with the music. 'Apocryphal 1: The Fallen' proves to create more images in the listener's head than any other recording has. The music used to illustrate this play is much like the last GOD releases, however far superior. The album rests upon pounding gothic-rock, with dark ambient elements and powerful choruses. 'Apocryphal 1: The Fallen' is part one of an epic genius that pushes the boundaries to the seam of the soul. There is no respite, no easy out.”

A Trisol promotion

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