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All too often, the Aquadyne club menbers are asked what there is to see underwater near Montréal. The answer is always the same: YES!
St-Lawrence river
The Conestoga wreck
A good example is the Conestoga wreck, at Cardinal, some two hours by road from Montréal. Follow this link for an illustrated visit of the wreck. (Article by William Schleihauf).
Lock 21
When the Saunders dam was completed just upstream from Cornwall, the St-Lawrence river was suddenly heightened by about 30 meters, which brought about the flooding of a good proportion of the neighbouring land. Several villages were relocated, but what could not be moved had to stay there or be demolished.
    Lock 21 of the old Cornwall Canal is now a very popular dive site.
The Mille-Roches powerhouse
The Mille-Roches powerhouse is another building which was not moved.
The Rothesay wreck
The Rothesay is a sidewheeler that sank more than 100 years ago, just upstreams from Prescott.
The Galop Canal
Just upstreams from the Conestoga shipwreck, the Galop canal offers a drift dive with a whirlpool that brings you back almost to your point of departure... After visiting the half-wreck of a tugboat.
The Keystorm wreck
The Keystorm is a modern steamship that sank after hitting a shoal. The wreck is interesting, as it is accessible to all levels of divers, since it lays from 6 meters deep to more than 40 meters deep.
The Soulanges Canal
Nothing very exotic in this old disused canal, but it's proximity to Montréal (less than 30 minutes by car) makes it a choice destination when one wants to try new dive gear, or simply have a good look at a rarely observed mudpuppy specimen...     

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