FRD is selling all his excess inventory.

This inventory was for the production of sensors and interfaces for science teaching in schools and for R&D developments .  You will find the description of these products here and in kits form here.

The prices on this list are taken from 

1. Priced we paid in 100 quantity.
2. Best prices found from multiple vendors in 25 quantity.
3. Some part that we did not know the prices where put to 25 cents.

Overall the total price should be less than what you would pay on the market.

All prices research where made in Q1 2002.

There will be a first phase of advertisement by email to potential buyers and we will probably go on ebay for the final sale.

Any offers are welcomed and can be sent to this address

Please note that the inventory will be sold with all schematics, PCB layout and production notes.  All software related to those products will also be included.

You can find the inventory list here.

Simon Filiatrault
President FRD
Québec Canada